Reasons Your House Looks Dirty Ever After Cleaning It

When you spend hours mopping the floors, scrubbing dirty surfaces, and doing other cleaning tasks, you expect the house to look clean once you are done and feel comfortable. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

If you regularly clean your house, but it always looks grimy and dust-laden, you have a problem, and this can come about due to a variety of reasons that include:

Your cables are all over.

We live in the tech era, and it’s common to have television wires, computer cables, phone chargers, and other tangles everywhere.

As much as these gadgets bring convenience, they can be an eyesore, especially when you stack them in one place.

To improve the look of your house, avoid putting all of your gadgets in one place. If this is impossible, use cord covers to keep the wires out of view.

You have too many throw pillows and blankets.

As much as pillows and blankets make your house look cozy, having too many of them can be bad. Do you see that extra pillow by the fort of your bed or that blanket on every chair? It’s working against you.

To make your house look cleaner, remove these extra pillows and blankets. Have only what you need. 

You have too much litter on the floor.

Most of the people that are guilty of this are usually those with kids. They will have a dog toy here, a pile of papers there, an ugly dress there, and so on.

With this kind of situation, you can get Maids 2 Match Fort Worth, TX, or any other cleaning service, but there is no way your house will ever look clean.

To restore the clean look, pick up all the items on the floor. If they are your kid’s toys, have a special box for them and always return them to the box after the kids are done playing.

You have plenty of small items that aren’t contained.

In the same way, a cluttered floor will look dirty even after cleaning, your house will look messy and disorganized when you have plenty of small items in the open.

It’s okay to have lip gloss, hair stuff, and other items on your bathroom counter, but instead of keeping them just lined up, consider having them in a cut tray that will contain them and still leave some space.

Doing this allows you to go from a messy pile of clutter to a well-organized countertop.

You have plenty of unorganized books.

Books make you smart, and incorporating them into your décor adds elegance and intentionality to a room.

Unfortunately, when you have a lot of them disorganized, you turn your house into a thrift store, and there is no way your home will look clean.

Organize your books on a shelf to make your house look clean and neat. The best way to go about it is to organize the books by their spine color or height. Remember to leave some breathing room on each shelf.

You can do this by stacking a few books lying flat, using bookends, or a large geode.

To break up the wall of paper in your house, use other elements with texture. Excellent elements to use include a chunky basket or glass vase.

Your house has a lot of dark colors.

Did you know the colors in your house significantly impact how clean the house looks?

The hard truth is that whites and pastels look much cleaner than dark colors.

If your house has a dark, moody look, this might be why it never looks clean, regardless of the number of times you clean it.

Does this mean that you should give up on your style? Absolutely not.

If you love having a dark-themed house, you can retain it but incorporate a few colored accent pieces or clean minimal artwork that will lighten up the mood.

You also should consider opening the windows so that enough sunlight comes in and lights up the house.

Your window dressings are too heavy.

Heavy window dressings prevent light from getting in, making the house look dark and dirty.

Use lightweight curtains and blinds to allow as much light as possible to pour into the house.

You also should use minimal window dressings. For the best outcome, use a maximum of two pieces. Great combinations include curtains and shears or blinds and curtains.

You should get rid of rope ties, drapery, and valances.

Are you guilty of these mistakes?

These are some of the reasons your house still looks dirty, even after countless hours of cleaning it.

To give your house a clean look, make the recommended changes, but if you are comfortable inside it, you shouldn’t care what others think about it.

After all, it’s your house, and you shouldn’t try to please anyone.

Zack Neur
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