Repurposing Dried Flowers – 7 Exciting Ways

Vibrantly colored, beautiful-smelling fresh flowers can greatly uplift your mood. But then, they start to wilt, and inevitably, guilt ensues. 

Luckily, there are ways to dry flowers to reuse them as home décor items or create DIY gifts for your friends. Alternatively, you can stop spending on fresh flowers altogether and get dried flowers that last longer and don’t make you feel guilty. 

Regardless of what you choose, read along to find some fun and exciting ways to repurpose dried flowers. 

Add dried flowers to candles

Gorgeous-looking candles make for great romantic accents for living rooms or bedrooms. Repurpose those beautiful dried blooms to customize candles. 

You’ll need candles (old or new), a metal spoon, a lighter, a large jar, and dried flowers.

To decorate, you have to light a candle and, over the flame, heat the back of the metal spoon. Then, position a dried flower on an unlit candle and rub the spoon gently over the flower. Ensure to move slowly but constantly so the heat slightly melts the wax and the flower gets stuck. You can repeat the process with other dried leaves and petals until you’re happy with the design. 

Make potpourri 

Dried flowers potpourri is a great way to use flowers that have dried and lost their freshness. Potpourri can be made with your favourite flowers, and they not only smell amazing but also has a vintage appeal when displayed in bottles or glass bowls. Since potpourris smell heavenly, you can even keep them in small pouches or bags and place them in your cupboard to make your clothes smell good. 

To make potpourri, you’ll need flowers of your choice, essential oils, cinnamon sticks, and crushed orris root. Once you have all the essential materials, the next step is to separate the petals from the flowers and dry them evenly. If you have fresh lavender or rosebuds on hand, you need to dehydrate those, or you can buy pre-dried ones. Then, combine a cup of petals with half-cup each of lavender and rosebuds into a mason jar. Next, crush a couple of cinnamon sticks and add them to the petals. You can also add a few drops of essential oil and a quarter teaspoon of orris root. 

Next, you have to seal the mason jar and keep it in a cool, dark place for six weeks. You can then display it in glass bowls or place it in small pouches around your house so that your home always smells fresh. 

Frame the dried flowers 

Do you like how dried flowers look? If so, you can place them in a shadow box or picture frame to display in your home. In addition, you can place dried flowers in wooden frames and hang them on the wall of your bedroom or living room. These make for amazing home décor, and it is also a very easy craft to complete. 

Before placing them inside the frame, you can press them by placing them between the pages of your book. Then, make sure to place a few more books on top of it so that the dried flowers get pressed properly and become flat. 

You can either frame dried flowers, or you can preserve your boutonniere, wedding bouquet, or other meaningful floral gifts this way. The frame can even be kept on your table or desk, and you can admire it for years to come. 

Create stunning-looking wall art 

Give wings to your artsy side and create one-of-a-kind, unique wall art with dried flowers. Of course, you need to press them first and then arrange them on a canvas. You can even paint something on the canvas and use the flowers to accentuate your art. If you wish, dried flowers can even be stuck on the wall directly using adhesive. 

From creating a collage to making a landscape, the possibilities are endless. 

The dried flower and branch garland 

The immortality of dried flowers attracts many people, and if you are intrigued by the idea, it is a great time to put your creative side to the test. You can create amazing-looking dried flower hangers by using strings, dried flowers, and a branch to keep it all together. You can hang the beautiful piece of garland in your living room or even your bathroom. By using a branch as the base, you’ll be adding a rustic charm to the overall art. 

Make bath products

Who doesn’t love soaking in a relaxing bath? You can enhance your bathing experience by using dried flowers to create bath products like bath salts or bath bombs. You can easily make both these products and using only a few ingredients.

For making floral bath salts, you would need dead sea salt, Epsom salt, baking soda, dried flower petals, and essential oils. First, you have to mix all the ingredients properly. Then, enjoy your floral bath. 

Also, you can have dried flower petals strewn in your bath water so that you feel special when you take a bath after an exhausting day at work. You can also light a few candles decorated with dried flowers to make the bathing experience grander. 

Press them in your journal 

Do you keep a journal? If so, you can spruce it up by adding dried flowers to it. It is not only a fun way to preserve your fresh flowers but also make your journal look amazing. You’ll have a lot of fun writing down your memories in a journal that looks so stunning. You can stick the flowers in between pages or on the cover of your journal. 


Dried flowers have their charm and beauty. Decorate them in the ways mentioned above, or you can experiment with them by putting your ideas to good use. The ways to decorate homes or creating DIY gift items using dried flowers are endless, and your creativity and imagination only limit you. 

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