6 Essential Tips of Old Roof Restoration in Your Home

Roof Restoration – One of the most expensive repairs to your home is the roof. Having to replace it is a big hit to the pocketbook, but it may be necessary. If you can get away with a repair, that will be much easier to do and less expensive.

Restoring a roof is a great solution and one that is fast and effective. You can tackle it yourself or call in the professionals. Before you start any repairs, you should have the roof looked at. Contact a flat roofing company to come and check out your roof. This will usually be at no cost because they want your business to provide a free estimate.

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An old roof restoration is a smart choice for most families. It is lighter on the bank account and gives you a better-looking home with a roof that will last for years to come. Here is how you can restore an old roof in your home:

Get Your Roof Inspected

Contact a professional company to get your roof inspected. The contractors will look at the type of material, your sheathing underneath as well as the gutters and flashing. A roofing contractor in Clinton, MS offers top tier assistance for all things roofing related. The state of all these components determines what has to be replaced or repaired. Some older roofs have lead in them, and because it is toxic, special care has to be taken to remove them safely.

Do the Restoration at the Right Time

When you have a roof issue, it can happen at any time. What you should consider is when to undertake the restoration. Weather plays a huge factor in roof repair. A small leak can be fixed fairly quickly and can be done anytime. Pick a time when it is a dry period for a large project. This could mean watching the weather channel for a dry patch or avoiding the rainy season. 

Winter is not the best as you get lots of wet, cold and slippery temperatures. If you can wait for the summer, it is ideal. This is also the busiest season for roofers, so you may need to book your work early. 

After you restore the roof in summer, you will reap the benefits in the colder seasons. You don’t realize how much heat can escape with an older roof. Having it restored will close any holes and cracks so your heating bill can come back down to earth. New material also helps increase the roof’s efficiency and keep heat retained.

Choose the Right Materials

Restoring a roof allows you to use modern roofing in your place. It could be lighter, UV protective material or energy-efficient roofing for your home. You can change the type of roofing and upgrade to metal or other material. 

Restoring a flat roof can be easier as just because the roof needs repair, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to remove it. The insulation is probably still good, so you can install a new layer of rubber or PVC over the existing roof. Tar and gravel are a little more labour intensive but still can be restored without ripping the whole roof off.

Plan the Roof’s Aesthetic

Plan your roof’s aesthetic thoughtfully. Your home’s value will instantly increase when your roof is restored to its former glory. It looks more attractive to buyers, and it’s one of the first things you notice when looking at your home. Anything you can do to increase the price of your home is great, and it’s a win/win with restoration and increased home price.

Also, restoring your roof prolongs the life and saves you the cost of a complete replacement. A clean roof will stop the corrosion from debris that breaks down and causes mould. You will get many more years out of your roof this way.

Cleaning the Roof

Before starting the project, your roof will need a thorough cleaning. This is usually done with a pressure washer and will remove dirt, moss, mould, and any other debris stuck on the roof. They will also clean out your gutters to flow nicely off the water.

Once the roof is cleaned, it is easier to see any damage. The excess water will also reveal any leaks that need repairing. It’s always best to start any project with a clean surface, and your roof is no different. After the restoration is done, a metal or tile roof should apply a protective coating. 

Don’t Disturb the Neighbours 

A new roof installation takes time. You have to get a garbage container to the old roof is stripped off, and then the new roof is installed. It’s also noisy and messy, and your neighbours get the brunt of it. Restoration is much less invasive, and the people around you may not even notice the work getting done. As you restore the roof, keep your neighbours in mind and make sure you are as unintrusive as possible – Roof Restoration

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