Simple Techniques To Make Your House Look More Expensive

The more expensive and upmarket your home looks, the easier it will be to sell. It’s not necessarily about increasing the price. Moving house upmarket will make it seem more appealing, potentially more unique, and certainly more welcoming.

That means a greater number of people will be interested in purchasing your house. The bigger the number, the more likely it is that you’ll find a buyer quickly, which may even push the price up.

Naturally, you can make your house look more expensive just for pleasure or impress friends.

Change The Front Door

This is probably one of the most expensive options on the list. But, the front door is the first thing anyone sees, and first impressions do last.

By investing in a quality front door, offered by Parkwood doors, you’ll instantly upgrade the look of your home. At the same time, you’ll improve security and potentially boost the insulation on your property, decreasing energy bills.

It’s a worthwhile investment. But, you should also look at the windows, if they are tatter or tired they’ll also need to be replaced, in keeping with the front door.

A coat of paint on the exterior won’t hurt!

Keep Furniture Away From the Walls

Expensive homes tend to be larger. You can help make your room feel larger by keeping furniture away from the walls. As part of this, you should ensure there are clear conversation areas. It boosts the look and feel of the room, instantly making it more like a show home.

Play With Different Textures

Another way of making your house look more expensive is to mix up the textures. You’ll want to incorporate different feels, colors, styles, and materials. This will allow the room to emit its style, and the layers of texture will help make it stand out while feeling more luxurious.


The most expensive houses have artwork on the walls from famous artists. They are expensive. You don’t need to invest in a Rembrandt or something similar. But, you do need to choose some pieces of art that you like and add them to the wall.

They should be framed, and there should be nothing else near them. This makes them a focal point and instantly lifts the feel of the room.

You can explore artworks to introduce a textured theme to your space. Options like colorful lion wall art can help integrate nature while also adding completeness to the general decor. You can also explore personalized arts such as family photos and images.

Remove Clutter

There is no clutter when you go into a nice hotel or an expensive home. Everything is arranged as though the house has just been finished and not lived in.

You need to remove any clutter from your home; keeping the lines clean will help your home look and feel more expensive. It can still be used and loved home, and you eliminate the things that are rarely used or stacked in the rooms.

Adding lights can help to ensure the rooms are bright and welcoming. Of course, if you want to make your home feel more expensive, you’ll get a good interior designer to handle it for you.

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