The Advantages Of Wooden Fencing

When it comes to installing fencing, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Whether you are looking to construct a brand-new enclosure for your farm or just provide your family home with increased safety and security, there is a seemingly endless number of styles and materials to choose from. Wooden fencing tends to be the most popular option for farmers and homeowners alike. Find out why by reading on to find out whether wood would be your best for your next fencing project. 

Wooden Fencing Is affordable

One of the main benefits of wooden fencing is its affordability. Wooden fencing is relatively cheap to source and install compared to metal, composite, or concrete alternatives. As well as being inexpensive and relatively easy to install, it also tends to be cost-effective to maintain as long as sensible treatment and regular checking is undertaken. Despite concerns about its durability, wooden fencing, if is treated on a regular basis and carefully maintained, can last a lifetime. OK so it is not as tough and durable as metal fencing but metal fencing has its own maintenance issues and can be susceptible to rust and erosion when exposed to the elements for a prolonged period of time. If installing wooden fencing, ensure you measure the correct perimeter of fencing required, to save money and reduce waste.

Wood Is Long-lasting

Wood is relatively long-lasting when properly maintained on a regular basis, depending in part on what wood option you select, bearing in mind the more durable or exotic the wood ie hardwood, the higher the likely cost. Cedar, for example, can last up to 15-30 years whilst spruce may only last for 4-7 years. Treating your wooden fencing to an appropriate wood preserver can extend its lifespan and improve its appearance. In many ways the longevity you can expect from wooden fencing very much depends on how much routine maintenance effort you are prepared to devote to it. How you support your wooden fencing is also a major factor in its longevity. Wooden fencing stakes are relatively cheap to purchase and install but also have their own maintenance requirements (remember also, that fence posts will be actually situated in the ground itself, which will get wet and dry throughout the year). An idea might be to mix wooden fencing with steel or concrete fence posts to strengthen your fence structure and protect it from the elements.

Wood Is Customisable

Fencing can transform your outdoor space. As well as achieving maximum functionality, it must also look great. Wooden fencing has an advantage here in that it can be fully customised and modified to suit your personal taste, usage requirements and budget. A simple lick of paint or layer of coloured stain can dramatically alter or improve the appearance of your wooden fencing as well as serving to protect it from environmental damage. Environmental threats to wooden fencing include harsh UV light, heavy rain and wind, and snowfall and protection against all these eventualities must be factored in. Wood is still a hugely popular fencing option and its versatility makes it a great option for a wide variety of different purposes. From rural residential properties to farming enclosures, commercial premises and even industrial environments, wooden fencing can be adapted to serve as well as being able to be altered over time to keep up with any future requirements.

Wood Is Environmentally Friendly

Wood is one of the oldest and most environmentally friendly materials available on the fencing market. Wood is widely recycled and biodegradable and can be treated with environmentally friendly chemicals to extend its lifespan. When you are looking to replace your wooden fencing, make sure you check its provenance for optimum sustainability and remember you can often simply disassemble and dispose of wooden materials in the relevant recycling plant. Some wooden fences can also be constructed from salvaged or recycled materials to reduce the impact on the natural environment. As well as being more beneficial to the earth, wooden fencing is more likely to blend in with the natural surroundings. This can help to improve your property’s curb appeal and increase its overall saleability.

Wood Offers Great Protection

Its flexibility means wooden fencing can offer unparalleled privacy and protection options for the farmer, land or property owner. With the option to build fencing panels as close together as possible, you can construct a fence with little to no gaps. This can reduce the likelihood of trespassers encroaching on your property or gaining easy access. Having a strong, hard-wearing and durable defence bordering the perimeter of your property is an attractive proposition and wood can be made to fit the bill. Remember, there is no universal set limit on the required height of residential wood fencing and each city or district has its own rules and regulations. Whether you want to conceal your home from external threats or create a subtle barrier, wooden fencing can dramatically transform the appearance of your outdoor space and safeguard your property and its inhabitants for years to come.

Wooden fencing can be a welcome addition to your farm or residential property. By knowing how and where to start, you can heighten your security and improve the privacy of your outdoor spaces. Always shop around to find a supplier guaranteed to suit your individual budget and usage requirements.

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