The Immediate Steps To Take After Water Damage In Your Home

When water damage or flooding happens on your property, it can be crippling. Not only do you panic and stress, you can often feel overwhelmed, and you won’t know what to do. Instead of stressing, follow our little guide below to know the next steps.  

Here’s What You Should Do

Step One: Contact Your Insurance

Depending on your homeowner’s insurance and the level of coverage, you should immediately call your insurance. Sometimes, someone will come to the property to see what the level of damage is, but depending on the timeframe, you should ensure you take as many photos as possible as water recedes naturally quickly. 

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Step Two: Make Sure It’s Safe

If there’s a great amount of damage, you may need to take immediate steps to ensure things are as safe as possible. 

Turn The Electricity Off:  The first thing to do is turn the electricity off as water and electricity don’t go well. You mustn’t try to enter the property until the electricity has been turned off. 

Wear Safety Equipment: If you suspect the water is bacteria-infested or contains sewerage, you should ensure everyone interacting with the water is wearing protective gear such as rubber boots and gloves. 

Remove Anything You Must: If you have to move furniture to higher ground, such as on top of tables, do so. If technology needs to be unplugged and moved somewhere dry, it’s a good idea. Try to roll up carpets, remove rugs, and keep as many things from getting as damaged as possible.

Step Three: Call The Experts

Depending on your insurance, you should call the experts in water damage restoration in Orlando. Finding someone who works 24/7 is all the better as they’re more likely to arrive quickly and conduct an audit. This audit will let you know where the damage has occurred, how it needs to be remediated, and if anything needs to be rebuilt or reconstructed. Our top pick for the team to call is, of course, Flood Pros USA. They’re available all day, every day, and have everything on hand to help as needed. 

Step Four: Start Drying

If, for any reason, you’re waiting for the experts to arrive, you should use brooms and towels to move the water out of the property if it is safe. If the water is contaminated or you suspect it’s unsafe to enter, wait for the experts before you start doing any drying on your own. 

If the experts arrive quickly, they will have the tools to dry the property safely and be able to do things such as test for bacteria and make sure things are dried and sanitized if needed.

Step Five: Check For Mold

When the experts arrive, they will quickly check for any signs of mold growing. Mold is common when water damage occurs and can begin growing in just 24 hours after water damage. Once it settles in, mold often spreads quickly and causes damage to the health of the inhabitants of the home if they’re exposed to it over time. 

By using sanitizing techniques and sealing off parts of the home, the experts take the time to ensure mold doesn’t get worse or damage the home too much. 

Step Seven: Move Back In!

The last step is to rebuild anything that needs rebuilding; after this, you can move in. The whole process and how long it takes depends on the damage in your home.

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