The Rundown on 5 Types of Metal Roofing Materials 

Metal roofing is widely established as a go-to solution for the roofing industry, and you will see plenty of properties that benefit from having metal roofing panels fitted. 

This durable and long-lasting material is hugely popular for a good reason. You may not know that there are many types of roofing materials to choose from, but you could consult the services offered by professionals such as APEX Roofing to know more about what you’ll need.

There are lots of different metals used in roofing. Here is a rundown of some of the main types that are likely to be used. 

Standing seams are the most popular option

The type of metal roof you are most likely to see around is constructed using standing seam panels. 

There are several valid reasons why they are so universally popular. For instance, a metal roof lasts a lot longer than a roof constructed with asphalt shingles. It is also a lot easier to install a standing seam metal roof. 

Constructed using large metal panels and concealed fasteners, this type of roofing solution offers excellent value for money due to its ease of installation and durability. 

Corrugated steel offers a cost-effective solution

Corrugated metal roofs are often used when you need a cost-effective solution for roofing a commercial or agricultural building. They don’t want the added cost of a standing seam roof. 

This budget option may not have the aesthetic appeal of other options, but it can be a good solution to consider in a rural setting where practicality outweighs curb appeal. 

Aluminum is a lightweight option

You will find that metal roofing shingles are constructed from various metals, such as steel. Still, aluminium is also an option to consider as it is brilliant for providing lightweight protection.

One of the other advantages of aluminium is that it will not rust or rot. However, it is not the cheapest of options, and installation costs will tend to be higher than having standing seam panels fitted. 

You often only need to replace a roof made from aluminium shingles when the roof’s structure becomes damaged, or some erosion has occurred. 

That means you benefit from durability and longevity with aluminium to counteract the higher purchase and installation cost. 

Copper zinc is a high-end solution

You won’t see too many of these roofs around in your neighbourhood. This is because they cost at least double what you would pay for other metal roofing options. 

A copper-zinc roof is incredibly durable. It is usually only considered an option when there is an architectural or heritage requirement or a high-end finish is desired. 

An eco-friendly metal roofing solution 

We are all being encouraged to make greener choices, and a high percentage of metal roofing materials have the capacity to be recycled. 

You can have a roof installed using panels that are made from recycled aluminum, for instance. 

That allows you to get a great-looking roof that has all the right green credentials. 

When you see all of the choices available and the strength as well as longevity that metal roofing panels offer, it’s not hard to see why this material is such a popular option when replacing your roof.

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