Tool Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Many people today have begun to think smartly about their living situation. Not only that, but being able to store tools within a small space is an absolute must.

Having an idea for utilizing tool space can be a great asset. This is because you will have quicker access to the tools you use often. Having great storage ideas will also provide you with a safe work area.

There are many storage ideas available that you may not be aware of that can be useful in organizing spaces. You can also check Woodjoy Tools about different tools that you can use to build your storage if you want to make it a DIY.

Below, we share the 10 best tool storage ideas available for your small space.

1. The Keter Masterloader Resin Tool Box with Wheels

Flexibility can be the answer once you realize that Keter can be a significant part to your tool storage needs. Having wheels and a handle allows for it to be taken with you. Having spaceous compartments provides a nice amount of room for many different tools. Besides that, it´s construction is very tough and built using polypropylene resin plastic, so there will be no damage present.

Being able to see the tools and being able to reach them is what the Masterloader tool box is all about.

2. The Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower

This delux tower by Rubbermaid will take your tools to the next level if your tools have begun to look cluttered in your small space. It is perfect for brooms, shovels, rakes, and other hand-held tools. Being compact still allows it to store many items. The tool tower is definitely one of the best ideas for organizing your tools.

Having strong plastic wheels enables it to be moved and transfered when you feel it necessary. Also, it is great that your tools, such as shovels will no longer be in your way or under your feet , due to a grip that holds the tools firmly in place.

3. The 7-Tier Seville Classics

Having a 7-tier storage unit is great when you have small items that need to be orderly. The bins make saving space easy and the size will fit any garage type you have. By labeling the bins, you will be able to find what you need easily and quickly. It´s high durability allows it to carry a 500 pound capacity.

Sliding the bins out is also effortless when a tool is needed. When finished, the bins get locked after htey are pushed into place. This will ensure that your small screws, nuts, and bolts will remain secure when the racks need to be moved.

4. The Rolling Tool Chest by Keter

This rolling chest will keep all of your woodworking tools safe and is a great option for organizing tools due to its lockability and manueverability. With nice dimensions, it provides practibility for transporting and storage of your tools. With the drawers being deep on the bottom, your larger items will have a home. With a lockable design, nothing will escape or get lost.

It incorporates a total of 16 bins and is simple to have tools sorted no matter the size. You can also use one section at a time due to their removability for use in other areas.

5. The Keter Storage Cabinet Space Winner

Having the space winner is a great storage cabinet that concentrates on having your space become pleasing and because of that, the tall Keter cabinet is a perfect fit. Not only will it fit perfectly in your garage but it can be used inside the home if a garage is not available. It can also be used to store kitchen items and cleaning tools if you don´t use a lot of garage tools.

With the design being slim, you will not have to worry about running out of space on the floor. It has adjustable shelves, so it can be customized to how you want.

6. The Tstak Tool Box by DEWALT

Having a shortcut for tool storage is great when the storage unit comes from the manufacturer that makes the shortcut possible. This is what DEWALT offers in their Tstak tool storage. It is a popular choice that has a huge amount of durability made specifically for your storage needs.

When you’re looking for storage hacks for tools, who better to trust than the brands who actually manufacture those tools? That’s why the DEWALT Tool Box is such a popular option. It’s durable and designed especially for tool storage.

7. The Goplus Rolling Chest With 5 Drawers

When you see a movie with a tool chest that is red in color, you can bet that this is the type you see. So having one for your own garage just makes sense. Plus, you will have a great amount of style.

Along with the style, this tool storage chest has many features that are useablelike the wheels that are sturdy and drawer padding, which will prevent the sliding of tools. The overall construction of this chest was to prevent your tools from getting damaged. You have quite a few choices for storing tools that make use of both the cabinets and drawers.

8. The Akro Hardware Storage With 24 Drawers

Nobody likes to run out of floor space, which is why you will be better with a clean space after you store your tools within a countertop storage. With the Akro, you get 24 drawers that will have your tools organized easily and orderly. Because of these drawers, the amount of space is plentiful. Just keep in mind that it is designed for small tools. Plus, you will love working in a space that is clutter free.

9. A Pegboard by Wall Control

Having an organizer such as a pegboard elevates your storage to the walls of your garage so that your tools can be used in an effective manner. You can easily make the pegboard magnetic so that it attaches to the wall. It looks very good aesthetically and is more durable than many others. The pegboard also allows you to use other accessories Wall Control provides.

10. 48 Inch Adjustable Storage by NZACE

Another choice for wall storage includes this 48 inch adjustable storage. It will easily turn your garage into a beautiful dwelling by way of a wall holder. It provides 3 rails measuring 16 inches, which can be used in more than one area, easily as an entire storage piece. The possibilities are endless.

With hooks that are metal, it makes them even stronger. They also have a design that is non-slip so every tool won´t move, no matter the type of tool it is.

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