Top 4 Features Of Opaque Glass to Make the Bathroom More Attractive and Increase the Value Of Your Property

Whether you aspire to create a degree of secrecy in your bathroom space or are contemplating to build a feature wall at your place – obscure glass has a plethora of applications, making it one of the most ingenious glass types on the market. However, how much do you know about this incredible product? 

Also referred to as Opaque glass, the obscure glass may represent different varieties of glass, each one lacking somewhat in the level of transparency. An obscure glass of some sort often distorts or obstructs the vision of the artifacts placed on its other side by means of textures or designs.

Obscure glass varies from providing only a very subtle blur to completely blocking the view of the objects in the question, or probably showing only vague figures— The characteristic that makes it extremely popular for use in the bathroom and showers. Here are a few most popular uses of this amazing product.

Opaque Glass bathroom doors for privacy

Although the majority of glass is clear, smoked, painted, and textured glass options offer some opacity level. Since they’re translucent in appearance, you may want to use these glass variants to build a privacy screen in the shower, bath or other private bathroom zones.

The etched glass includes patterns and images etched with acid onto the surface. The level of opacity depends on how much substrate etching is performed and how extensively. The etched glass door will obscure almost entirely what lies behind it while still letting light flow through. What’s more, the engraved glass can even be layered to pull off a 3-D effect. 

Frosted glass is relatively similar to etched glass. In the case of frosted glass, fabricators sandblast the glass sheet. The effect is consistent with a ‘frosty’ appearance resembling an engraved wall. Manufacturers may use the sandblasting technique to create designs, but such designs are usually less intricate when compared with the etched glass. However, the level of opacity of both types of glass doors is similar. 

Opaque Glass shower doors for brightness and strength

Glass carries a surface that is inherently reflective, particularly when frosted or patterned. The texture works immaculately well with natural daylight emanating from your window screens or your lighting systems, illuminating the whole space. Although other materials such as mirrors do reflect light, the one coming from the glass is more attenuated, so that you don’t get a glare. All in all, a simple addition of an opaque glass door not only adds to the privacy but also creates a bright and shiny ambience too by lighting up everything inside. 

Whilst normal glasses are delicate and brittle, frosted or engraved glasses used in the bathroom doors are highly durable. They are made with tempered glass and are built to withstand any setting. While drywalls may start to turn porous and yellowish with time, the opaque glass bathroom doors continue to look as good as new, diffusing the light all around for decades to come.

Obscure Glass bathroom Cabinets for enhanced storage space

The touch of sophistication and elegance that Glassdoor cabinets add to your home space is no more a hidden secret. The requirement for crystal-clear glass has taken a backseat, with the new obscure glass for being aesthetic and easy to maintain option. Owing to their versatility and grace, these translucent cabinets are slowly making their way into the bathroom scene as well. 

These are the kinds of improvements that help you stay viable without raising the expense of service and maintenance. In fact, there are many options when it comes to designing a bathroom closet with a frosted glass door, and you can pick the one that suits both your requirement and taste. Through opaque glass, natural lighting will make your bath even more invigorating— thanks to the diffusion effect. 

Inherently, obscure glass might not be as transparent as other glasses, this is an advantage too. The cabinet arrangement would let only the right amount of light in, leaving you less reliant on artificial illumination, and setting your prized possessions in a mystical and shadowy arrangement. It is a great prosthetic effect that can give your cabinets a bespoke finish, accentuating the space they are placed in.

Opaque Glass Shelves for decorating bathroom walls

If there is one advantage that everyone appreciates, it is the beauty and style of translucent glasses that make them suitable for your bathroom shelves. They look great, and can easily discern a traditional rack from a modern one.

You are most likely to have come across several traditional and futuristic styles of opaque glass shelves that can effortlessly enhance any bathroom zone they are placed in. Exuberating pristine looks in conventional white translucent or beautiful tints, they often blend seamlessly in any type of bath settings. These shelves carved out of frosted glass are available in bespoke patterns and dimensions that can make your bathroom decor come to life, making it look truly unique and extravagant.

Another notable advantage of these shelves is that they are easy to maintain and scratch-resistant too. 

Types and designs of Obscure Glass

As you already know that any type of glass that showcases a certain degree of opacity comes in the category of Obscure Glass, hence, there are several amazing types of opaque glass that are used extensively in the bathroom decor. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular options. 

Etched glass – best for bathroom doors and windows

Etched glass is a type of frosted glass which is created by the process of acid etching. The procedure is used to create a variety of designs on the glass panels, which can then be used in the construction of bathroom doors, cabinets and shelves. Another process used to create a similar effect is sandblasting to create simple patterns. 

Patterned glass- Add a design element in your bathing space

Patterned glass is developed by pouring the molten glass into a design cast. The texture is sculpted onto the surface as it crystallizes. Just like etched glass, the various patterning forms impart varying degrees of opacity.

Smoked glass

Glass Makers imitate the look of glass exposed to a blaze by introducing blackening materials during the manufacturing process. The outcome is a smoked glass with a coherent black or grey substrate, and some level of opacity. However, the level of translucence is not reasonable, and you can easily make out the person at the other end of the glass door.


Whether if you decide to install the glass yourself or hire glass replacement services by local professionals, having Opaque glass for your bathroom is a great benefit. Not only it adds luxurious vibes but also increase your home value.

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