Types of Home Designs in Australia

Several architectural influences define the Australian household. These include Victorian-style homes, Colonial designs and the California bungalow home – an architectural design imported from the US. However, Australia has developed its own style in house designs that fight warm tropical climates and floods. 

So, if you are looking to build a house in Australia, you need to be aware of the different architectural options on hand. It can be challenging to know which house design personifies your personality. However, this guide for home designs in Australia will help. 

Home Designs in Australia 

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Each style mentioned below is trendy among homeowners. But ultimately, it falls on your personal preferences. So without further delay, let’s see what type of house designs are popular in Australia. 

The Victorian Style 

The Victorian Style was the most popular design in Australia during Queen Victoria’s time. They started out as traditional one-story houses but became larger and more detailed as time went by. The Victorian house style is similar to the Worker’s cottage design. Seeing as both house designs are constructed from bricks and have pitched roofs. 

The Victorian house styles were genuinely recognized in 1876. They feature moulded timber work, cast iron fireplace and decorative plaster ceilings. If you crave this type of house, you’ll find plenty of them in Melbourne. This style is still prevalent in Australia and perhaps the most desirable as well. 

Queenslander House Style 

The Queenslander houses were designed to combat wet climates and meet the cultural needs of the residents. These houses are trendy in Australia, thanks to their heritage and large size. They are easily recognizable from their timber and corrugated iron aspect. 

These types of houses are slightly elevated, making them look like they are floating. This design is stylish and practical as areas around Queensland are prone to flooding. The Queenslander house style is a marvellous piece of Australian architecture best suitable for people who value privacy and prefer slightly elevated windows. 

Edwardian or Federation 

Edwardian and Federation houses are the same but with slight differences. The Edwardian house style was designed during King Edwards rule. This was also the time when Australia gained independence from British rule. 

The Federation requested Australian architects to add their country’s distinct identity into the design to deviate from King Edward’s design. That’s why you may notice that Edwardian house styles have arched windows, emo motifs and asymmetric pointed roofs. 

Worker’s Cottage 

If you are looking for a humble home design, the Worker’s cottage design will suffice. They were devised as Australia was becoming the centre of industry. Worker’s used to live near the industrial areas and reside in their cottages. 

At that time, these houses weren’t preferred because they were used by impoverished people. Plus, these houses were deemed responsible for spreading the bubonic plague at the start of the 1900s. 

However, now these houses are in great demand because their architecture is connected with Australian history. Plus, it resembles the average Australian citizen, working day in and day out to earn an honest living. 

California Bungalow Style 

The California Bungalow style was copied from the USA. This design was the rage back in the 1920s due to its convenience and affordability. These houses helped Australia become a thriving city. As Melbourne and Sydney expanded into the suburbs, the California Bungalow style was excessively used to facilitate residents and occupy less space. 

Double Storey Homes

Double storey homes are another fine addition to Australian architecture. This house design is a good option for newlyweds looking to start a family. Instead of occupying more land, double-storey homes accommodate 3-5 people on a single space double floor house. This is an excellent way to save on land and produce affordable houses. You can click here for more information on double-storey home designs

The Bottom Line 

Australian architecture has been inspired by the US, but the country has its unique home designs. The Worker’s cottage, Victorian house style, and double storey homes have their unique history in the Australian real estate market. These houses are well-built to combat harsh weather and shelter against floods and storms. 

However, the California Bungalow design also helped our nation expand to the suburbs. Sydney and Melbourne have moved their residents to the suburbs with the help of California-style bungalows since this house design takes up less space.

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