Why choose a Sony TV?

LG, Samsung, Philips, Panasonic – the TV market is full of big-name brands. If you’re on the hunt for a new TV, the chances are your search will be swamped with makes, models, and confusing TV acronyms. 

With so much information vying for interest, you may be wondering why you should turn your attention to Sony.

Here we answer that question. Take a closer look at this electrical giant and highlight why a Sony TV should be top of your viewing list.

Benefits of a Sony TV

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy all their favourite shows in high definition? Whether you want to create the ultimate home cinema experience, need a small screen for the kitchen or something sleek for the bedroom, there’s a Sony TV for every room and every requirement. 

Offering a broad range of sizes and price points, regardless of whether you go top of the range or for a more budget screen, Sony NEVER compromises on quality.

Enjoy the benefits of a Smart TV connecting wirelessly with your other devices for convenient joined-up technology. Opt for HD and 4K Ultra HD options for pinpoint detailing and realistic viewing, or go all out with an OLED screen delivering the ultimate in technology. Whatever you go for, with a Sony TV, you’re guaranteed a viewing experience like no other, with excellent motion handling and picture quality. 

By combining cutting-edge technology with innovative design, Sony TVs don’t just offer great viewing. They look the part, too – on or off!

Sounds pretty impressive so far, doesn’t it? Sony is ticking all the boxes for good looks and great visuals – but what about sound?

From a brand famed for audio (hands up, who remembers the classic Sony Walkman?), sound quality needn’t be a concern. Crisp audio with pin-drop clarity is a given. if don’t have enough you can buy surround sound headphones for movies.

Are Sony TVs good for gaming? 

If your priority is gaming rather than binge-watching the latest Netflix craze, it’s good to know that Sony televisions can take your playing to another level. With unrivalled picture performance and detailing, brace yourself for a fully immersive experience and get set for your new highest score!

How much does a Sony TV cost?

A TV is no longer ‘just’ a TV. They’re a gaming hub, picture gallery, cinema screen, music store, and much, much more, and invariably price tags reflect this capability. 

Opt for something like the 55-inch OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Google TV, and you won’t get much change out of £1.5k…, and this is by no means the top of the price range. But plenty of more pocket-friendly options are available – such as the KD32W800PU 32-inch W800 HD Ready High Dynamic Range Smart TV, typically coming in at under £300. 

Whilst Sony always seeks to advance its technology and push the market forward. It remains a brand that offers great TV for all budgets. That said, if you’re buying online, remember it pays to shop around to find the best offers. And it’s always worth keeping an eye out for retailers offering a price-match promise to ensure you’re paying a competitive price. 

Buy a Sony TV

Still not totally convinced a Sony TV is right for you? Or just wondering which model to go for? Why not talk to the team at Martin Dawes? As experienced electrical retailers, not only can they offer expert advice and guidance, but they also have a great range of Sony TVs for sale. There’s even the option to rent, giving you the freedom to try before you buy…or keep upgrading to Sony’s latest release! 

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