10 Stylish Home Addition Trends for Houses

A home addition is an excellent investment and one of the more cost-effective renovations a homeowner can do. It often increases property value and delivers a whole new area that you can do with whatever you like. 

For instance, you can add an enclosed luxury space to your home, similar to what one might craft in an outdoor deck. The idea can be a hot tub, indoor pool, media room, part-garden, etc. Complete with large windows allowing you to see out onto your property, an enclosed luxury space is a beautiful way to heighten the appeal of a home. It gives you somewhere comfortable to relax and destress.

There are many other stylish and modern home addition trends. If you aren’t sure where to begin, professional custom home builders can give you lots of inspiration. Here are some notable home addition trends you can explore to craft the perfect space for your needs:

1. Home Office

More of us are working from home these days. Home offices are a popular way to craft a home addition. Setting up an office workstation in a dedicated area of your home helps keep you focused on the work you need to get done. A private area where you can write, work, research, and create. They’re great for professionals, executives, and artists of all backgrounds.

2. Have a Home Gym

If a home office isn’t quite your thing, try a home gym instead. Moving in a cardio machine alongside a few weights and home workout essentials, and that’s all you need. You have your own private gym at the ready. This is another great use of a home addition.

3. Expand Your Kitchen

A home addition that expands your kitchen offers an excellent return on investment. You can choose to simply grow the square footage or build an associated room, i.e. a walk-in pantry, a breakfast nook, or an alternative cooking area. You can’t ever have too big of a kitchen. If you’re fortunate to have the space to knock out a wall and add some square footage, it’s something that will pay off in more ways than one.

4. Expand Your Bathroom

A bathroom is another room well worth an expansion if you have the budget and space available. In some cases, you may even be able to complete a home addition like this without necessarily having to adjust the plumbing and pipes, although this evidently varies. A master bathroom expansion is the most popular home addition trend in this category.

5. Building a Sunroom

A sunroom addition is very popular for home additions. There are lots of ways to use a sunroom as well. You can use it as a greenhouse or gardening room, a second living room, a dining room, or an activity space. These can be converted from an existing back porch or entranceway out front.

If you are interested to install solar panel in your home, you can choose your plan here in Blue Raven.

6. Include Built-In Storage

With a home addition, you have an opportunity to design a whole room custom to your desires. More people are looking at custom millwork and built-in storage from in-floor to attached shelving. It’s an excellent idea for families or if you engage in an activity that’s particularly prone to mess-making. Storage and organization is easy when you have it already incorporated into the design of the room.

7. Build a Second Story

The biggest and most expensive home addition you can build is a second story. This can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete but adds lots of square footage and boosts resale value in a big way. You do have to ensure your home’s structure and foundation are capable of handling it, however. If you can move forward with building a second story, the bedrooms and additional space come with many, many possibilities.

8. Build a Bump-Out

A bump-out is a small extension that can range from two feet to as large as 15 feet. A house addition bump-out does not need any foundation work and is one of the cheapest types of addition available. It’s a great option if you want to add a window nook, a walk-in closet, or something like a bathtub or additional counter space. A bump-out can be used in a number of creative ways.

9. Have a Guest Room

A guest room is another excellent idea for a home addition. AirBnB and monthly rentals are trending. An attached but separate space, it can be as simple as a large bedroom or come with its own bathroom and even a small kitchen. This home addition will allow you to live in your home with the option of renting out the addition for some extra income to cover your mortgage.

10. Heated Floors

You will find heated floors in various designs. They offer luxurious comfort across hard flooring, keeping temperatures nice and toasty throughout the year. Electric floor heating is often the preferred heated floor type. It is simple to install and tie into a home’s existing electric grid fairly easily. If you are using your home addition as a room more for comfort, installing heated floors is an inviting feature.

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