4 Home Decor Tips to Make Your Home Look Classy and Sophisticated

For those who like the finer things in life, it makes sense that you’ll want your home to ooze class and sophistication. However, if your space looks anything but, not only will it not match your personality and style, you may not feel comfortable in the one place on earth you should.

Thankfully, there are lots of great home décor tips you can try out which can transform your property and help it stand out. For those who are looking to sell up in the near future, you’ll find many homebuyers are after something chic, too – a win-win! Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Incorporate Layered Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial concepts in space

 and tends to be one that is overlooked. You’ll want to have an array of light sources that add depth to each room. But, you don’t have to spend a fortune to go glam on lighting. Rather than searching for traditional table lamps, why not hang a pedant light instead? You can also place candles in reflective, pretty hurricane containers to give the glow you’re after. Placing lights next to your furniture arrangements can help update your space without the need to rewire your walls. You can add dimmer switches too that will make any room look and feel grander.

Add In Textiles

One of the simplest ways to dress up any room is by using great pillows. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on pillows, why not head to your local fabric store and look for beautiful scraps at a discounted price? You can make your own pillows and place them all over your home, which will make any room look classier and more sophisticated. 

Make Your Curtains Touch the Floor

To add an instant luxe factor to your home, a good window treatment is a must. Never purchase draperies that are too short. Instead, let them touch the floor. We promise this will make your space look more inviting, cozy, and glamorous. If you’re looking to sell up and purchase a new luxury home, we’re confident you’ll be searching for properties with great window treatments. VALIA Properties have an extensive list of Corona del Mar luxury homes for sale. You can bet their Corona del Mar homes for sale will have features like high ceilings and large windows where you can add your own window treatments.

Invest In Large-Scale Art

If your walls are looking a little bare, why not inject some life into them and hang large-scale art? As long as you’ve got the space to do so and your walls are high enough, you can add some personality and depth to the artwork. Make sure you opt for artwork that matches your style. Also, ensure any artwork matches the colour scheme of the room. You don’t want anything standing out for the wrong reasons!

To be honest, home renovation projects that do not incorporate art seem to be pretty simple; almost hollow. This is why when you are working with your designer, you need to make sure that some areas in your house (some walls) have some artistic pieces that can be genuine conversation starters. 

If you’re wondering how to make your home look more stylish and classier, look no further! Simple alterations like those above can transform your property into one that oozes glamour, charm, and beauty.

Whether you’re staying put or looking to sell up, once you make these changes be prepared to live the high-end life you deserve!

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