Five Signs Your Home’s Water Needs Filtering 

Water is essential to all living things. Clean water is crucial to our overall well-being and ability to thrive. Every year, more than three million people die from water-related diseases, mostly from drinking contaminated water.

Water filters remove harmful substances called contaminants from water. This process makes the water cleaner and wholesome for domestic use and consumption. 

Contaminants are dangerous to your health. These substances can occasionally make it into your water supply. The presence of these pollutants necessitates the need for a water filter.

Five Signs That You Should Filter Your Water

1. Nasty Taste And Smell

Clean water has the physical characteristics of being tasteless, odourless, and colourless, which can be used to determine the quality of water. When your home’s water looks, tastes, and smells terrible, it indicates the presence of chemicals like chlorine, sulphur, and heavy metals like hydrogen sulphide or other pollutants. 

Rust from supply pipes can cause discolouration in your water. When this happens, you need to install a filter to keep you and your family safe. 

2. Sediments in Your Water

Quality and pure water should be crystal clear with no floaties. Impurities like dirt, grass, and algae from town supply pipes and storage tanks are usually responsible for this. A cloudy and murky colour confirms the presence of contaminants. Install an under-sink water filter to prevent this problem from persisting. 

3. Water Supply Is from a Private Well

A water filter is not an option but a necessary tool to keep you and your family safe. Suppose the primary source of water is a private well. You should not wait for any signs before installing a water filter.

Especially if you’re living in an agricultural or industrial area, also, gas station region run-off from your environment can easily contaminate your water. You should get your water tested at least twice a year.

4. High Mineral Composition

The water is the problem when you wash your clothes, yet they look soiled or messy, even after switching detergents. Your water has a high concentration of iron. Contaminants like chlorine, calcium, and magnesium can cause your hair to dry after you bathe. 

Hard water can also cause you to use more soap than necessary. Calcium and magnesium make it hard for soap to form lather.

A build-up of white, crusty substances in your kitchen sink, bathroom tub, faucets, and other plumbing accessories shows that your water is hard and can benefit from water softening.

5. Persistent Plumbing Problems

Poor water quality can increase your plumbing problems. Contaminated water can jam, corrode, and even cause your pipe to burst. 

All of the above are cues to put a water filtration system in place.

Various Filtration Options

The water filter options for each home are different, depending on the type of problem they have. Under-the-sink water filters, faucet-mounted water filters, and whole-house filters are among the most common options.

Every home can benefit from a water filter. Impure water harms your health, home appliances, and clothes. Many disasters can be avoided when a proper system is implemented.

Kevin Darabont
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