5 Creative Ways of Decorating Your Living Room with Rugs

Are you looking for new creative ways to decorate your living room? Rugs are simple pieces of decor items that don’t require a lot of thought and can completely transform any room. Often a living room only needs a carefully chosen main piece to bring the whole space together. It is a lot easier to switch up the living room by experimenting with different rug ideas rather than redo it from top to bottom. 

Choosing the right rug will bring out the colors together, add patterns, or soften rough edges in a modern space. Learn how to decorate your living space in these simple ways. 

Area rugs with a tropical theme are a great addition

Using bright colored area rugs for your living room is a less expensive and cheaper option. If you enjoy the whole tropical theme and don’t want to go overboard with the furniture, simply add a tropical-themed rug. Large designs with bright colors might not look appropriate or be the best choice for your couch and chair however, rugs with these characteristics may complement the color scheme of your floor. 

It is easy to decorate your living room with a tropical beach or forest theme. You can choose a greenish or bluish rug with bright, sunny yellow, and soft natural shades of sea green which create that tropical, coastal effect.

Stack multiple rugs on top of one another 

You can try to add multiple rugs on top of each other to outline the room a little more and make it look interesting. Layering rugs is one of the most common yet often ignored living room decorating ideas. This trick can add a pop of color and it’s especially useful for winter holiday decorating because it adds warmth. 

Essentially you could go with two or even three layered rugs to decorate your living room.  If you want to add three rugs, add the biggest one on the bottom and the two smaller ones stacked on top of it. The material of the base rug should usually be solid or natural cotton with a light neutral color such as ivory, beige or light gray. Whereas, the rugs stacked on top should be a brighter color with different, interesting patterns. 

Use rugs as art decor on your walls

Hanging up a rug as wall decor is a trending styling practice that can be an excellent innovative way to improve the bland white appearance of your walls. Using rugs as wall decor will provide your living room with more color, comfort, and texture than a few pieces of wall decor and paintings will. However, rugs are considered to be art pieces themselves due to their beautiful patterns and well-crafted designs. 

To achieve a trendy, modern look use bigger, bolder, and more colorful designs when choosing a rug. Consider the theme of your living room and where you want to hang it. Additionally, if you want your rug to really shine, it is better to hang it up somewhere with little designs and more neutral colors. 

Combine open floor rooms with rugs

Many studio apartments or big living rooms have a dining room or kitchen area that is attached to each other, making it into one big space. This provides a comfortable environment in which you want to merge the two rooms without compromising their individual identities.  

In addition, colors are the best and simplest ways to combine an open floor area. Color combinations such as blue and orange, red and green, yellow and purple are commonly safe options. These color variations are at opposite ends in the color wheel, so they clash in a satisfying way in an open floor area. You may also select a rug with contrasting colors, with a single color or, use the same color as your living room walls to create a special pattern.

Add a traditional rug to your modern living room

The intention behind integrating a traditional, vintage rug into a modern living room is to add interest and texture without losing the room’s theme and making it look like a tangled mess of old stuff. In your living room, you could start by adding a vintage rug underneath the coffee table. This would look really good and interesting particularly if the coffee table has a glass cover, allowing the entire design of the rug to be seen. However, a rug that has got a lot of colors and a complicated design would not match the sleek design of a modern table. 

Matching antique rugs with a modern living room is also a fantastic way to highlight a unique piece of furniture. Furthermore, a collocation of plants on an antique rug would give the place a natural and organic feel without deviating from the contemporary design theme. 

With whatever decorating project you want to experiment with when transforming and designing your living room, remember to have fun with it. A longingly decorated house leads to the development of a happy home.

Kevin Darabont
I am a freelance writer who loves to craft, home decor improvement, and active DIYers. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience to the world and learn new things everyday.