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Are you looking for a reliable service to clean your home from top to bottom? If yes, it is advisable to go for a high-rated service that takes your housekeeping to a whole new level. A perfect example of the best maids Las Vegas is ‘Cobalt Clean’.

They are capable enough to provide the best cleaning services and make you free from the hassle of calling several different companies for the task. They are rated high across all the platforms and have successfully converted many of their satisfied clients into their recurring members.

The objective of their friendly and experienced staff is to provide the greenest, freshest and efficient clean along with 24*7 customer-supports to back it up. They bring eco-friendly supplies that don’t release particles and are safe for use around kits and pets.

Here is a list of their services and recommendations whether to go for a commercial cleaning company or not. They are located in Central Las Vegas and serves Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Mountain Edge, Downtown Las Vegas, Paradise and a lot more.

  • Full house or apartment cleaning
  • Dusting and sweeping
  • Vacuuming of various carpets in bedrooms etc.
  • Polishing of light switches, doors, handles and fixtures
  • Glass, door, mirror and window cleaning
  • Sweeping of floors
  • Cleaning of sink, toilet and bathroom
  • Cleaning of counters, cabinets and drawers
  • Spring and deep cleaning
  • Vacation rental home cleaning
  • Discounts available on weekly or monthly cleaning services
  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances like oven, microwave and refrigerator

Features of the house cleaning services-

  • Customer service- Customer satisfaction means a lot for Cobalt Clean. They offer a service of 24 hours customer-support team to solve the queries of their valuable clients.
  • Guarantee- They provide top-quality cleaning and maintenance. In case if you are not satisfied, they will do it again for free of charge. Their services are provided with a 200% guarantee. Meanwhile, if this time also they fail to meet your expectations, then your entire bill will be refunded.

This much confidence in their service, helps them to stand out from the crowd.

        –      They send employees, not the contractors.

        –      HEPA-friendly products and equipment.

        –      Affordable pricing- Their services ensure that your home will remain clean regularly. It means a lot if you have a busy schedule and want to prevent dust or grease. 

  • Premium clean- Their professional cleaners never stop until the task is completed. They are the best house cleaners rather than an average cheap house cleaning company.
  • Trustworthy services- Their cleaners are insured employees that never go for shortcuts like independent contractors. Each technician is trained to provide professional cleaning services. So, they take all necessary precautions to ensure you are protected.

Various services provided by the Las Vegas house cleaning services-

Cobalt Clean is locally owned and operated. They were founded by keeping innovation and premium care in mind. Their cleaning services depend on the size of your house or apartment. Moreover, they provide a guarantee of friendly staff, top-rated cleaning and no billing surprises.

  • Recurring cleaning- It is an ideal option to maintain your property. No matter whether you opt for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, by regular servicing you are preventing your house to a great extent. Have a look at the merits of recurring cleaning.
  1. It enables you to preserve the quality of your furniture, countertops, appliances and interiors.
  2. Even monthly booking help to prevent heavy dust from accumulating.
  3. Time is money and they help you to save it. You are not required to worry about cleaning, and that valuable time can be enjoyed with your near and dear ones. Finally, it also improves indoor air quality.
  • Deep cleaning- There are plenty of places that are overlooked but they require special attention. Their deep clean service aims to clean your home with the best extensive cleaning option.

        –      Cabinets like kitchens, storage room, bathroom and living room are cleaned.

        –      Interiors like microwave, oven and refrigerator are deeply dusted.

  1. Their experts are trained in residential deep cleaning, until every corner becomes dust-free.
  2. The service is perfect for special occasions.
  • Move-in and out cleaning- Nevertheless, the moving process is stressful enough. Their professionals perform this task for you and make it the easiest experience. The prices of these services are based on your property size. To make you feel free about the bill, they offer free estimates. If they require some extra time to finish their job, they will inform you in advance.
  • Their team arrives and finishes the work on time.
  • Your product goes smoothly with the satisfaction of the landlord.
  • Only industry-grade equipment’s are used in the process.
  • Vacation rental cleaning services- A major complaint of guests is poor cleanliness. So, get all the cleaning done in advance by experienced maids Las Vegas and avoid hearing these words from your guests. They deep clean each area of the property to meet your guest’s expectations.

The cleaning service deep cleans every corner and prepares the room for the next guest. Their clients are always satisfied while hiring them because unlike others, they offer a 200% satisfaction guarantee of their rental property cleaning service.

  • Custom residential cleaning- For large residences and luxury properties they offer special cleaning services.
  • Background-checked professionals
  • Customer-satisfaction guarantee
  • Bonded and insured
  • Easy to hire them on their booking page.
  • Post-construction residential cleaning service- They work with new designers, contractors, architects and provide the finest post construction cleaning services. Their professional cleaning team can provide builders clean, sparkle clean or recurring clean at affordable prices.

Besides completing your cleaning job, they also help you to get it done within your budget.


The job of professional maids Las Vegas didn’t stop until their checklist is complete for each service type. Having a look at the checklist is essential to know, what type of services you will receive when you sign-up with them.

  • Standard –

– Rooms- All carpets vacuumed with eco-friendly equipment

–  Trash removed

–  All dusted furniture

  • Premium Rooms-

–  Kitchen- Countertops cleaned

–  Rooms- Sliding doors wiped

  • Deep-

–  All cabinets organized

–  Refrigerator cleaned

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