5 Things You Can Do To Add A Touch Of Luxury In Your Kitchen

When designing a kitchen it’s only natural to want to add luxury to it and make your kitchen stand out. But luxury works on the principle of “to each their own”. Something that might be a luxury to you may not make sense to someone else. The best question in this situation is to ask, “What do you use your kitchen for”? This sounds like an obvious question but to some people, the kitchen is more than just a place to heat a couple of meals. 

Whether you are a master chef looking to practice your culinary delights or a person who loves hosting or just a parent who enjoys feeding their little monsters, luxury items will make you not only enjoy but also utilize the space efficiently. Below are some things you could give a shot:

1. Handles and Knobs

Cabinet handles and pulls indicate the style and the age of your kitchen. In other words, your kitchen will look completely out of date if you pick the wrong handles. Cabinets are ageless provided they are adorned with the right handles which can instantly upgrade the look from vintage grandpa style to an up to date master chef style. Here are some ideas for the perfect kitchen knobs and pulls! 

Just be aware that if your previous handles had three screws then you will need the new ones in the same style too if not, it will require some drilling.

2. Renovating Walls

Days of simply painting your kitchen or kitchen cabinets to change the look and feel of your kitchen are over. Consider adding some beadboard, wainscoting, stone panels or brick veneers to your walls. You can also add a backsplash to one of your walls preferably behind the sink or the stove, and choose natural stone, quartz, wood etc as the material. Although, maintaining a wood backsplash is harder than quartz or natural stone. Any of these hot trends for 2021 will not only add sophistication to your kitchen but will also give it a touch of uniqueness, which is a luxury in its own. It will also help you get your hands dirty as it’s a great DIY project.

3. Decorative Lighting

The easiest, most inexpensive way of adding a touch of luxury to any room let alone your kitchen is lights. Putting the right lights in the right focal point changes the entire game for your kitchen. A chandelier, a funky modern pendant light shades or a bold big light ideally over the top of your kitchen table but can be placed at another point where you have sauciest parts of your kitchen as well. Investing in your kitchen will also add to the resale value of your home.

4. New Appliances

Can’t function without your daily dose of caffeine in the morning?. Then a luxury coffee machine will be a worthwhile use of your money. Although built-in coffee machines sound expensive, they are not more than the usual countertop ones and think about all the money you will save on your way to work.

A combination of three ovens and a matching french press coffee maker is becoming popular with designers nowadays. Price ranges go from semi-automatic to all bean to cup coffee machines. All in all, whichever one you choose is going to add the extra oomph to your kitchen

5. Wine Fridge

Everyone loves to be served their favourite tipple served at the right temperature, so what’s a better appliance than to treat your kitchen with a wine fridge/cooler. While not every kitchen will have the space for this fancy new addition. The latest models of these coolers keep the red and whites on their temperatures in the same fridge and are easily fitted under the countertops. Not only the temperature and the look but also keeps the bottles from UV rays and disturbances of other sediments too.  

The kitchen is a room where you should enjoy spending time whether you are alone or with the company. Use these tips to add luxury to your kitchen, and allow yourself those luxury items, whether a bit of DIY or a fancy new purchase whatever gets your boat floating. A change or two can upgrade the whole look and feel of your kitchen to your liking & make cooking enjoyable. 

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