7 Ways to Infuse Your Home with a Western-Chic Vibe

Those who love the western aesthetic are sure to be thrilled by the prospect of emboldening their home’s interior design with a western-chic vibe. Without the right know-how and guidance, however, knowing where to begin your journey can be difficult. Thankfully, there are some key design elements you can use to successfully unlock your dream interior design choices. To assist you in this magical journey of home improvement, here are seven surefire ways to infuse your home with a western-chiv vibe: 

Western-Inspired Furniture 

One of the most important things you’ll need to invest in to unlock a western-chic aesthetic in your home is a set of quality, western-inspired furniture

. Without these in your arsenal, completing the western-chic look will become nearly impossible. Thankfully, this style of furniture is exploding in popularity in 2022, so finding a proper set that will fit your tastes has become easier than it’s ever been before. 

Vintage Textiles and Mismatched Prints 

If you want to achieve a western-chic aesthetic in your home, using vintage textiles and prints is critical. Shearling throws, maroon plaids, area rugs with unique patterns, and other similar choices will prove especially useful. In addition to vintage textiles, mismatched prints can be incredibly appropriate and will add an extra layer of variety to your home’s look. To add even more spice, consider how you can use taxidermy around these textiles to amp up the western-chic vibe of a space. 

Cowhide and Other Animal Hide Rugs

For a particularly cowboy or ranch-inspired look, investing in a cowhide, or other animal hide rug (even a faux one), will prove incredibly useful. Not only do they fit the aesthetic you’re looking for, but the unique, impressive look of animal hide rugs is difficult to overstate. While this can prove expensive as an investment, you can look at second-hand shops and western thrift stores for a solid deal. The pre-used, authentic look of these second-hand rugs is perfect for adding an extra layer of charm to this interior design choice. 

Western Accessories Galore 

Throughout your home, you can use western culture accessories to truly amplify the western-chic look of your home’s interior. After all, these accessories are one of the most recognizable aspects of western-chic culture and design. From cowboy boots to lace dresses, many clothing accessories will prove useful in this regard. Barn tools, decorative window treatments, western jewellery, and other accessories can add a more personalized take on this western-chic-inspired interior design choice. 

Black and White Photographs 

Black and white photographs are perfect for any vintage-inspired home look, and the western-chic aesthetic is included in this equation. Beautiful black and white photographs of horses, or other wildlife, are especially appropriate and can let visitors understand why you love the western look in the first place. If you live on a farm, take pictures of your horses and other livestock to add an extra layer of authenticity to your home’s design and aesthetic inspirations. Large-scale photographs that are used as focal points for your home’s interior design have become particularly popular within homes designed around the western-chic aesthetic. 

A Welcoming Entryway 

Before your friends and family see how amazingly you’ve decorated your home’s interior using a western-chic vibe, you need them to walk through your front door and entryway. To ensure this is the first introduction they have to your love for the western-chic aesthetic, ensure the entryway is hyped up with western features as well. A leather bench near the entryway, a front door that takes its inspiration from a barn door, or a western-swing bar door can provide a great way to achieve this look. 

Barn-Inspired Features 

Whether you’re using repurposed wood or doors from a barn or are using barn tools to accessorize your home, the barn-inspired decoration route is essential to perfecting the western-chic look you’re aiming for. If you do not own a barn yourself, it may be worthwhile to talk to someone who does, so you can find barn-inspired decor and materials that are truly authentic. Doing so will give you extra credibility and will add more warmth to your home’s interior decoration as well. Repurposed materials can also help you make your home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

Embrace Your Love for Western-Chic 

If you’ve been hesitant about revamping your home’s interior simply because you were not sure where to start, this guide can help you make the right choices that will unlock a dreamy, western-chic-inspired home interior. By embracing the design choices you’ve been dreaming of, you can make 2022 your best year as a homeowner yet. With the right grit, determination, and research, you’ll quickly find all the materials, accessories, furniture, and more that you need to perfect your home’s western-chic look. 

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