Building A Real Estate Portfolio: 9 Exciting Markets You Need To Explore

If you are a real estate investor, there’s nothing quite like planting your flag in a market where your portfolio can grow. You may be in an area where options are not as abundant. For this reason, this guide will show you the nine best real estate markets in the United States that you can’t miss.

Because of job growth, property taxes, and other factors, we were able to find these places to be the most viable place for a real estate investor. The sooner you jump on the opportunity to purchase properties in these markets, the better.

Let’s take a look now at the following places you need to check out.

Austin, Texas

The capital city of Texas has a lot of demand, a growing job market, and a whole lot more. The housing market boom here is either going to happen or is in the process. Either way, you’ll want to jump on this now rather than never.

If you need a realtor that knows the area well, Teifke Real Estate will be able to help. You can browse this page to find out more information on what to find in Austin and in the surrounding area. Rent may be rising, and people are willing to spend at least $1500 a month on an apartment.

With plenty of tech companies planting their stakes here, you’re coming in at a time when a second Silicon Valley might be in the process of being built.

Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

Another state capital (this time in North Carolina) is becoming one of the best places in the country for real estate investors. Like Austin, the area is looking to draw in tech companies and establish itself as a mini Silicon Valley.

The area known as the ‘Research Triangle’ is bringing in jobs like nothing else. Employees of jobs in the area are either renting their homes in Raleigh or nearby Durham. A little over half of the people who work in the Research Triangle either rent or own a home in Durham, while less than the other half live in Raleigh.

On top of that, the prestigious Duke University is not far. This may also be a place where you can establish student housing opportunities if and where possible.

Dallas, Texas

Heading back to Texas, we will be looking at the city of Dallas. Like Austin (and perhaps the rest of the state), Dallas is enjoying plenty of economic success. Despite that, it has the lowest rate of homeowners in the country.

What makes this great? The rents are ridiculously cheap and are less than $200 or more compared to Austin. For this reason, you can take advantage of picking up apartment buildings and turning those units into an opportunity to earn cold, hard cash.

You’d be insane to say no to this opportunity. So if Austin, Raleigh-Durham, or any place else on this list won’t cut it, Dallas will be a good option.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City was one of the hardest hit places during the Great Recession brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has experienced a recovery like nothing else. The reasons for this include a business environment that is diverse, the lack of taxes, and a cost of living that may be lower than much of the major cities.

This is a cha-ching opportunity for real estate investors. Not only that, Californians fleeing that state will end up finding refuge in a place like Las Vegas. If not states like Texas, then Nevada may just be the next best place.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has experienced population growth in the last ten years. Because of this, the housing demand is shooting up. Its growth makes it one of the best places for a real estate investor to call home.

The median monthly rent is reasonable, and single-family properties will be the perfect opportunity to snag if you have the extra cash. And get this – more than 500 people per day will be moving to the Atlanta area.

If that isn’t the best possible opportunity to grab those apartment buildings and single-family homes, we’re not sure what is.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is looking to make expansions to their financial and tech industries. Not only that, home prices and rent are on the rise. On top of that, there is nearly half of the population renting as opposed to buying.

That has to be one of the perfect opportunities to grab as many rental properties as you can get your hands on. Even if you can afford one apartment building, it will serve as a great starting point.

Those who are in the financial industry will find Charlotte’s home, and it’s an industry where they can make plenty of money.

Orlando, Florida

Imagine being neighbours with Mickey Mouse? Well, that might not happen. But it’s a place where tourism and entertainment reign supreme.

People will flock here for the long term or the winter. Either way, you’ll be able to find the best properties here in Orlando proper and the surrounding area. Not to be outdone, it’s become one of the top fastest-growing cities in the country.

The renter’s market is stronger than ever here. And that would be the perfect time to get apartment buildings and fast.

Tampa, Florida

Just down I-4 is the city of Tampa. It’s home to plenty of real estates, and it’s quite affordable. The median price for a home is $250,000.

If that isn’t a steal of a deal, we don’t know what is. The Tampa Bay area is home to a few top Fortune 500 companies. And people looking to work for those companies will need places in the city or nearby Clearwater and other places. 

Single-family or apartments, it’s your call at this point.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix will be an excellent place in the sun for real estate investors and Californians seeking refuge from the high taxes. The home values in Arizona’s capital city have risen to 8 per cent in the last year. On top of that, the seller’s market is hotter than ever.

If you search for single-family homes or even apartment buildings, you may have difficulty snagging them at a lower price than the listing price. So be prepared to meet them at that price or a little higher.

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