Bedroom Décor Choices That Stand to Impact Your Sleep Quality

Proper sleep is vital to every facet of your life. In the absence of healthy sleep habits, everything from going to work to maintaining relationships is liable to seem frustratingly difficult. So, if your slumber quality has recently taken a nosedive, you’d do well to have a look around your bedroom. In many cases, the décor choices we make for our designated sleeping spaces can have a profound impact on the quality of our rest. Should suspect the problem lies with your bedroom décor, keep an eye out for the following items.


Bedding That’s Out of Season

While using the same bedding all year long may save you a small amount of money, it won’t do your overnight comfort level any favors. Using heavy, heat-retaining sheets and comforters throughout the summer months is liable to leave you uncomfortably hot and drenched in sweat. Conversely, using lightweight, breathable bedding throughout the frosty winter months is likely to result in many bitterly cold nights. Needless to say, this is hardly conducive to good sleep quality.

To avoid spending your nights uncomfortably warm or cool, take care to invest in seasonal bedding. For the winter months, purchase sheets and comforters composed of thermal materials that are adept at heat retention. Sateen, brushed cotton and flannel are all prime examples. On the flipside, make sure the bedding you purchase for the summer months is composed of moisture-wicking materials with high breathability, like linen, percale and eucalyptus.  

Lack of Ceiling Fan

A dependable ceiling fan can be an invaluable sleeping aid all year long. Even though these fans are generally associated with periods of warm weather – i.e., summertime – they can heighten one’s sleep quality during the winter, as well. The air circulation and refreshing breezes that ceiling fans create can prevent you from becoming uncomfortably warm during the nighttime hours. While this excessive warmth is particularly prevalent throughout the summer, it’s not entirely uncommon during the wintertime – particularly in households that turn the heat up overnight.

So, if your sleeping space is currently without a ceiling fan, now would be the perfect time to rectify this. Even if you don’t have a great deal of ceiling space to work with, a good low profile ceiling fan should suit your needs perfectly.

Curtains That Are Too Thin

We lose a significant amount of indoor air through our windows. Never is this more noticeable than during periods of extreme weather – i.e., summer and winter. In addition to driving up our heating and cooling costs, window-based air loss can be a major contributor to nighttime discomfort. Furthermore, curtains composed of thin materials can often make this problem worse, as they’re unable to prevent indoor air from escaping or outdoor air from entering one’s sleeping space.

You can nip this problem in the bud with the help of thermal curtains. Since these curtains are composed of thick thermal materials, they’re perfectly equipped to minimize escaped air. As a bonus, some thermal curtains double as blackout curtains. So, if total darkness is required for you to get your best sleep, thermal curtains can be an extra-worthwhile investment. Some thermal curtains even function as sound-blockers, which can prove beneficial to people who live in noisy, high-traffic areas. 

Bedside Tables That Are Too Small

If you regularly find yourself getting out of bed in the middle of night, investing in a larger bedside table may be a good idea. This is particularly true in the case of people who frequently get out of bed for the purpose of grabbing food or drinks or taking medication. A bedside table large enough to comfortably house every item you could conceivably need during the nighttime hours can be a boon to your overall sleep quality, as the more time you spend out of bed, the harder it will be to fall back asleep.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of proper sleep. Given how vital good sleeping habits are to basic functionality, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make quality of slumber a priority. When looking for ways to improve your nightly respite, there’s no better place to start than the bedroom, as your décor choices can have a big impact on overall sleep quality.

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