Master Bedroom ideas – Among many parts of the house, bedroom becomes one of the most priority rooms. It is the place where we lay our head after a long day at work. Many modern houses have at least two bedrooms. Commonly, it includes a master bedroom and a few other rooms for children or guests.

A master bedroom considered as the most significant room to rest and enjoying the time. It has a complete combination of many furnishings and provides a large area. Usually, those furnishings include a cozy chaise longue, closets, carpets, dressers, and canopied bed or the one with a specific size like double or king-sized. 

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Not only includes lots of furnishings, but the room also has a lot of free space. It makes this type of bedroom looks spacious and luxurious. Moreover, a master bedroom brings you a place to relax and comfortable atmosphere so that you can enjoy every activity besides only sleeping.


If we take a look at a master bedroom, we most likely to see it different than other bedroom types. The term master bedroom leads to a room with a bigger size and looks inviting than other places in the house. It features excellent interior designs and comfortable bed sets. Also, there are some variations of furniture which the owner usually picks based on the need, taste, and tradition. 

In addition to the furniture, a master bedroom usually includes one or two dressers and a specific bed size like double, king or queen-sized. Besides, there are also other essential parts of the room that we need to pay attention to, such as the mix of color, style, and lighting. Those elements appear in unique combinations and make the room different than others.

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Sharing a room with your lover might be tricky because some couples have different personalities and tastes. Therefore, both of you need to find a solution to make the room atmosphere looks equal and match to each other. Here are some special tips on how to decorate a master bedroom for couples.

Color scheme

Pick a combination of colors based on you and your partner’s favorite. Make sure the colors blend well together. Otherwise, if you cannot combine them, try neutral bedroom colors that you have already discussed with your partner.


Decorate the wall with both masculine and feminine wallpaper patterns. Also, you might try to add floral accents on the wall or window treatment and men accents on pillows or furnishings

Fabric Pattern

Choosing fabric patterns for the master bedroom is an excellent idea. It makes the room looks colorful and lively. You can use it for bedding or even for the wall decoration.

Romantic Furniture

Make your room special by adding some romantic touches. You can add some fancy furniture like a canopied bed and sheer curtains. Also, the addition of natural lighting will increase the room’s beauty and romantic side.


Some people love to decorate their bedroom in modern style. It is because this style looks simple and stylish. Therefore, these are few designs to inspire you in making your master bedroom looks modern.

Masculine Vibes

Warm color tones and simple arrangement show an aesthetic and modern design in this master bedroom. There are king-size master bedroom sets and other additional furniture arranged in a masculine theme.

Image Source: studioitalia.co.nz

Warm color tones and simple arrangement show an aesthetic and modern design in this master bedroom. There are king-size master bedroom sets and other additional furniture arranged in a masculine theme

Natural Modern Bedroom

Image Source: Recent Projects

Wood accent on the wall shows its dominant and beautiful part. Also, the addition of glass wall brought lots of natural light from outside and provided an enjoyable view. In conclusion, those combinations of wood accent, lights, and beige furnishings show that the room not only looks modern, but it also looks natural.

Industrial Look

Image Source: sbogandesigns.com

Here are two combinations between modern and industrial looks. As we can see, there are brick walls and industrial windows. Additionally, a double-sized bed, lightings, and other furnishings give a modern vibe, especially those matching colors of bedding, carpets, and door.


A luxury bedroom always looks breathtaking, especially if it has a modern side. Once we step inside it, the feeling of coziness and fanciness makes us want to stay all day. Thus, if you plan to have one, let us take a look at these luxurious and modern master bedrooms below.

Gray Room

Image Source: Karla Trincanello, NJ CID, ASID Allied

Gray and blue mixed perfectly and bear an elegant look in this bedroom. It also has diamond-patterned walls on a few sides of the room. Moreover, there is a beautiful bed with silk satin curtain hung on its canopy and antique table beside it.

White Room

Image Source: Well Dunn Construction Corp.

A white room will never bore us if it has a lovely arrangement, just like this master bedroom. Its beautiful look not only because of the color but also because of its design. Started from the open window, colors combinations, and then beautiful furnishings, those equipment blend perfectly to each other.

Royal Bedroom

Image Source: barrainformativa.com

A classic and extravagant look in this master bedroom reminds us of a royal family room. Also, dominant purple and some vintage lightings bring a warmer tone. As a result, all combination of color, furniture, and their arrangement makes the bedroom looks fancy and luxurious.


A rustic bedroom is a unique design for those who love a peaceful and country atmosphere. Besides, the room’s natural and straightforward look never disappointed the owner. Here, we provide some samples of master bedrooms with a rustic style.

Organic Look Bedroom

Organic patterned wall and tiny dim lighting become a center of attention. Those room’s equipment shows a classic and rustic look. Also, the addition of a grey open window matches perfectly with a grey bed. After all, the whole room decoration represents an organic look with a mountain style.

Simple and Elegant Room

Image Source: Ann Stillman O’Leary

Similar to flooring, the bed also made of wood material. It shows that this master bedroom looks timeless and fascinating, especially there is a white and neutral color applied on the wall. Furthermore, the room’s neat arrangement, and some natural touches show that this room is not only simple but also elegant.

Farmhouse Bedroom

Image Source: Edgell Building, Inc.

A warm and classical atmosphere appear beautifully in this farmhouse master bedroom. There are dark wood floor and ceiling with grey walls which shows its dominant rustic style. Moreover, the room’s peaceful surrounding make it feels like living in wild nature.


It is possible to make a small room as a master bedroom. All we need to do is to place every bedroom’s equipment in the right space so that the bedroom will look neat and enjoyable. For this reason, take your time to check these examples of small master bedrooms.

Attic Master Bedroom

Image Source: Emerick Architects

Using an attic as a master bedroom is not always unusual. It might be small, but it still manageable. Here, the attic is painting with white and only have main furnishings, such as double-sized bed, single chair, and bedside table. As a result, the room looks simple but elegant.

Small Urban Bedroom

Image Source: Mike Healey Photography

A double-sized bed put in the middle of the white room. On its left and right side, there are bedside tables to store some stuff. Since those tables fit perfectly with the arrangement, this room becomes one of many beautiful small master bedroom ideas with storage.

Simple Neat Bedroom

Image Source: AHG Interiors

We can get a simple look by applying fewer furniture and less color to this small bedroom. There is a double-sized bed, bedside tables, and a sofa. Besides, the whole room is neat and correctly ordered.


Designing a large room as a master bedroom give some advantages for the owner. It is easier to arrange big furniture because the bedroom provides a larger space. After checking out some small master bedroom designs, now it’s time to have a look at the large ones.

Beach Style Bedroom

Image Source: Thomas H Heine Architect, pc

As we can see, the bed is facing the beach through a glazed door so that the owner can enjoy the ocean view while lying on the bed. There are a fireplace and paintings as a decoration which brings an aesthetic look to the room. Moreover, the dominant white color blends beautifully with natural view from outside.

Contemporary Relaxing Bedroom

Image Source: WoodCo

There are plenty of free spaces available in this large master bedroom. It is excellent for relaxing with dominant gray color surrounded the room. On one side of the wall, there is a combination of contemporary details, which can be an example of many great ideas for master bedroom walls.

Mediterranean Style

Image Source: Sophisticate Interiors

Those who love to have a huge master bedroom with Mediterranean style might consider this one. It looks stunning, with gray and white touches all over the room. Besides, there is a big fireplace below the television. In brief, this room seems cozy and relaxing.


Besides applied in modern design, a master bedroom also looks excellent with a conventional style. Its classical look and vintage atmosphere will remind us of those beautiful old eras. Let’s have a look at these traditional bedrooms designs ideas.

Beauty in Simplicity

Image Source: Pinterest

Simplicity can bring tranquility in this room. You can rest on the bed or a green chaise longue sofa in the corner. There are vintage lamps and paintings on the wall which shows a classical look. Also, the room’s soft green wall blend thoroughly with every furniture and show its traditional style.

Spacious Traditional Bedroom

Image Source: Pinterest

A spacious room always funs to have because it provides lots of benefits. In this large bedroom, there are some classical touches such as on lightings, furniture, and color tones. It looks simple and traditional but still shows its elegant side.

Natural Bedroom

Image Source: Houzz

Black and white walls blend beautifully with vintage wood floor in this master bedroom. There is only a few furniture, which makes the room looks spacious. Besides, a combination of basic appearance and lots of lights provides a calm and natural atmosphere.


Usually, some bedrooms completed with a bathroom inside it. Mostly, we can see it in a master bedroom. One of many benefits of having this kind of room is you don’t have to get out and take a long walk if you want to take a bath. Therefore, these are some beautiful master bedrooms with bathroom inside it.

Classic Master Bedroom and Bath

Image Source: Houzz

Contemporary Transitional Room

Image Source: Houzz

This master bedroom has a bathtub and a shower box on its corner. Its design looks contemporary and natural. Also, the addition of a pendant light above the bed and wood accent gives an industrial touch

Extra Large Master Room

Image Source: Ecologia House

An open concept master bedroom is perfect in this one. It looks spacious and only provides a bed and bathroom with no wall.


Choosing the right color combinations for your master bathroom is essential to create a fascinating view inside the room. Not only for the look, but it also shows your personality and style. Also, the right choice of shade will help us to feel relax while staying in the bedroom.

Firstly, setting the room’s mood is the most priority part before choosing the color. You can choose whether dark and bright or calming with soft colors. Although most people instead choose soft colors, some still love to apply the dark or bright one in their bedroom. However, these color tones are great to use side by side with the right technique.

After setting the moods, it means that you already know the color that you choose. In this case, if you decide the smooth and neutral color, blue and green could be a perfect choice. Green has a combination of both warm and cold, while blue creates a soft look. Moreover, paler blue can also combine with a brown accent, and it has many color tones.

On the other hand, for those who love bright color such as red and yellow or dark one like black need to pay attention to some tips. First, do not apply too much bright color and try to use it on one wall instead. It is excellent for breaking an intense color. Then, you can also apply black and balances it with a brighter shade like yellow or turquoise.


In conclusion, a master bedroom is not just an ordinary room but also become the most priority room in the house. It different than other places and need a particular treatment, especially if it is own by a couple. Therefore, choosing the right design and consider to have a discussion first are essential. It is to make sure that you and your partner will own a perfect master bedroom.

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