Things You Need To Ask Yourself Before Shopping For Rugs

Deciding to replace or add a rug to your home isn’t something you should be doing on an impulse. While there are plenty of affordable rugs on the market, you need to know that it is both a durable and practical rug from an established supplier when you choose one for your property.

Potentially, more importantly, you need to be certain that it will enhance your living space and won’t be a purchase that you regret in a few weeks. 

To help you decide if any rug is right for you, it’s worth taking the time to ask yourself the following four questions:

Do You Need A Rug?

Rugs have been added to homes for thousands of years. Initially, a rug helped people stay warm as it warmed the cold floor. As homes became more elaborate and people became richer, rugs became more fanciful. The more ornate the design, the wealthier the owner was seen to be.

Today, you can find rugs in various colors, sizes, patterns, and textures. While there are still some very expensive examples that only the wealthy can afford, there are also plenty of examples that everyone can purchase.

Before choosing a rug or even going shopping, you should spare a moment to consider whether you really need a rug. That’s not want or desire; it’s need.

Rugs are generally seen as an investment, and you don’t want to get one on a whim only to hate the way it looks or its role in your home. In most cases, a modern rug is simply decorative.

In short, take the time to consider if this is really what you need to spend your money on. The answer is still yes in most cases, but it’s worth considering. 

Is Sustainability Important To You?

Initially, rugs were made from animal hair, specifically camel or sheep. Today, they are available in a huge array of materials. Some of these are good for the environment, and some are even recycled materials. Others are not.

It’s important to decide how important the environment is to you. The greater your environmental concern, the more limited your ug choice. But, it will allow you to enjoy the rug in your home without feeling guilty every time you look at it. 

Sustainable or natural rugs are made with natural materials, such as cotton, wool, or recycled materials. You may be surprised at how many modern rugs are made of plastic derivatives. These are not good for the environment, don’t biodegrade, and can even be hazardous to your health

Have You Really Considered Color And Texture?

It’s easy to fall in love with a stunning-looking rug. It may be brightly colored or have a particularly exquisite pattern on it. However, you need to consider two things before you buy:

Does the pattern work with your home?

Your home already has a set décor and theme. If you’re about to redecorate and buy the rug first, then you don’t have an issue. But, in all other situations, you need to consider whether the rug will go with your existing décor or not. 

If it doesn’t, even the nicest rug will look out of place and ruin the feel of your home. 

Is it interchangeable?

If you’re not currently redecorating, there is a good chance you will be in the future. Many people choose neutral rugs with splashes of their favorite color that can be easily incorporated into any theme.

If you haven’t thought about this, you may find you have a rug that looks great with your current color scheme but is impossible to use with anything else. That means you either have to get rid of the rug or avoid redecorating. Neither is a good option.

What Size Of Rug Works Best in Your Home?

Finally, you need to spare a thought about the size of the rug. You should have already considered what size fits your room. This is variable depending on whether you want one covering most of the room or breaking it into sections. 

That’s a personal decision. But, what is important is knowing the measurements. Once you’re in the store, a rug can look big or small, depending on its space. This often leads to the wrong size rug being bought as people forget their home is much smaller than the showroom. 

Ensure you know the size and measurements of the rug you want and the rugs you’re looking at. 

If you’ve thought about these four questions in advance, you’ll find rug buying isn’t just easy, it’s fun and rewarding.

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