Best Villa Communities in UAE

There are several villa communities in the UAE to choose from if you seek the ideal family property. For many reasons, you’ll like having a villa as your home.

First of all, these are roomier, which means that each family member will easily have privacy.

Moreover, these breathtaking housing estates feature picture-perfect homes and landscapes, clear lakes and swimming pools, lush golf courses, and a peaceful beachfront. Thus you’ll have unlimited quality time with your family or even alone.

This article provides insight into the top villa communities in the UAE, located in not only Dubai but Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

SSC Villas, Sharjah

SSC Villas are situated in Sharjah’s first community powered entirely by solar energy, Sharjah Sustainable City, which aims to provide its citizens with a better tomorrow.

The amazing neighborhood is the perfect collection of environmentally friendly features, and its residents are encouraged to embrace the future. Therefore, SSC is the ideal location for experiencing the end and everything that this magnificent community offers.

Eight greenhouses, which are used for indoor farming, as well as urban farming plots grow various fruit and vegetable varieties, stretch through the center of the residential neighborhood.

The mixed-use community mall also has cafés, restaurants, shops, a nursery, hospital, and a mosque. By hosting the government, NGOs, and educational institutes to establish a blueprint for future cities and increase awareness of environmental challenges, the Sustainability Experience Center is performing a significant educational function.

The villas have close access to several public locations. For instance, the community is situated near the Al Rahmaniya Area, while Sharjah International Airport is just 11 km away.

Most modern amenities are offered in Sharjah Sustainable City so that people may save money while supporting a green economy. These include gyms, cycling, jogging tracks, playgrounds, swimming pools, mosques, health clinics, urban farms and greenhouses, AV shuttles, and charging stations for electric vehicles.

The villas for sale also offer up to 100 percent saving on electricity and 50 percent saving on water bills.

The pricing structure and payment schedule for the Sharjah Sustainable City (SSC) Villas are straightforward and appealing. It becomes relatively simple to get a villa of choice because of the possibilities, such as monthly installments and workable down payment methods.

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Although the Palm Jumeirah island development is undoubtedly one of Dubai’s most prominent addresses, it is definitely among the most picturesque neighborhoods in the city as well.

Opulent family residences line the “branches” of this palm tree-shaped island, and thus nearly every house has access to a private beach.

Many of the villas on Palm Jumeirah also have breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline and famous monuments, such as the Burj Al Arab.

In contrast, others gaze out over the awe-inspiring Arabian Gulf seas. These luxurious villas in Dubai include big rooms with relaxing earthy tones, enormous, meticulously maintained gardens, high-quality furnishings, and private pools, making them the ideal residence for the city’s elite.

These villas are more expensive to buy and rent since it is Dubai’s premier villa neighborhood. Three-bedroom villas in Palm Jumeirah typically cost AED 226,000 to rent, while four-bedroom homes cost AED 353,000 on average.

Meanwhile, five-bedroom homes go for about AED 432,000 here. Moreover, three-bedroom homes in Palm Jumeirah typically cost AED 6.14 million, and buyers may expect to pay between AED 9.5 million and AED 17.5 million for the four and five-bedroom villas, respectively.

Al Reef, Abu Dhabi

Over the last ten years, Abu Dhabi’s real estate market has grown quickly, offering inhabitants a diverse selection of neighborhoods and lifestyle options. Al Reef, a Manazel Real Estate project that has become a popular alternative with people looking for more inexpensive residences, is one such development in the capital of the UAE.

It is situated on Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road.

If you want to buy or rent a well-built, family-friendly villa, the ones in Al Reef would be a perfect choice. The villas here are tucked away amid green spaces, giving you the loveliest views from your balcony.

Families and working adults who like coming home to a peaceful atmosphere will love the environment of Al Reef. Here, all amenities are present easily within the neighborhood for an exceptional experience, such as markets, a gym, a bank, a café, a pharmacy, a mosque, a beauty salon, and a children’s park.

The residents easily access places like Yas Island, Khalifa City A, and Al Raha Beach. Several of the city’s popular locations are easily accessible from the Al Reef neighborhood in a few minutes.

For instance, the villas are within an 11 minutes distance from Al Raha Beach and Emirates Park Zoo, while you can reach Al Ghazal Golf Club within 18 minutes.

Al Reef has both villas and apartments. The latter in Al Reef Downtown will thus be perfect if you’re seeking a simple space to manage.

These one-to-four-bedroom apartments and studios can be found in most Al Reef Downtown buildings. The flats in this community come in a range of different sizes.

Meanwhile, villas range in size, starting from 117 square meters. You can select among the various priced villas at Al Reef. Villas start at AED 950,000 with a monthly mortgage of AED 3,663, while the prices for villa rentals begin at AED 65,000 per year.

Arabian Ranches, Dubai

Naturally, one of the best options for lovely villa communities in Dubai is the lush and verdant neighborhood of Arabian Ranches. The community was established by Emaar and is renowned for its large family villas situated around serene lakes, lush vegetation, and a magnificent golf course.

This developed neighborhood is close to other residential areas, including Dubai Sports City and Motor City, and is situated along E311, one of Dubai’s main highways.

In addition to its peaceful location, Arabian Ranches is sought after by purchasers and renters due to the numerous facilities available to inhabitants.

With schools, restaurants, shops, mosques, golf courses, swimming pools, and other sporting facilities all perfectly located inside the neighborhood, this is one of the greatest villa projects in Dubai for families.

With thirteen distinct sub-communities featuring upscale houses, people who want to settle in this magnificent villa community may choose villa designs and architectural styles. These residences include elegant interiors, light-filled bedrooms, and sizable backyards.

In Arabian Ranches, three-bedroom villas are available for rent for an average of AED 145,000, and the rent for four-bedroom villas costs AED 203,000.

Families with more members may look at the five-bedroom villas in Arabian Ranches, which can be rented for about AED 240,000.

Meanwhile, a three-bedroom estate here is priced at almost AED 2.34 million, and a four-bedroom estate at AED 3.67 million.

Moreover, the average price of spacious five-bedroom villas in Arabian Ranches is AED 4.59 million.

Bottom Line

This was our list for the best Villa Communities in UAE. If you are into living a luxurious life then you should check out these communities for a better future.

Ultimately your choice will come down to your budget and preference. However for quality these are the ultimate best in UAE.

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