How To Create a Boho Aesthetic Bedroom

Boho Aesthetic Bedroom – The boho bedroom has become an incredibly popular aesthetic in recent years, and for good reason. Known for its eclectic and free-spirited style, this aesthetic draws inspiration from various cultures, nature, and artistic elements. Unlike traditional styles, the boho aesthetic encourages mixing and matching different patterns, textures, and colors, allowing homeowners to create a truly personalized space. In this article, we discuss a few tips on how to create your boho home decor. If you’re in need of advice or inspiration, keep reading!

Choose Boho Furniture


rattan bed frame could be the perfect centerpiece for a boho bedroom. Generally, boho furniture is eclectic and doesn’t adhere to any particular style – anything from vintage pieces and hand-me-downs to newer pieces with a rustic or artisanal feel can fit into a boho room. Rattan, wicker, or bamboo furniture are popular in boho settings for their organic feel. They give that sense of connection to the natural world, which is so integral to the boho style. Perhaps an old trunk as a nightstand or a refurbished ladder as a bookshelf could complement your rattan bed – the possibilities are endless!

The boho style also calls for plenty of comfortable, cozy textures. Therefore, upholstered pieces are a brilliant addition – it could be a plush reading chair or a bench with colorful embroidered fabric. Don’t forget to layer plenty of pillows, blankets, and rugs for all the comfort and warmth one desires in a bedroom. Whenever picking out home decor, focus on finding a retailer that is known for high quality and customer satisfaction.

Start with Earthy, Natural Colours – Boho Aesthetic Bedroom

Boho style generally leans towards earthy and neutral colors. These could range from deep greens and blues to lighter off-white. The purpose is to create a warm, welcoming, and soothing environment. Incorporating these earthy tones also resembles the natural world and invokes a sense of peace and tranquility. One may choose to splash these colors liberally on the walls or incorporate them in smaller decorative pieces like throws, rugs, or cushions.

As key as it is to adhere to this color scheme, do not shy away from infusing bursts of bright colors or patterns. After all, boho style is all about individuality. A bright accent wall, a throw with colorful and complex patterns, and vibrant artwork can all add a touch of personality to the space without straying away from the earthy, natural theme. The boho style doesn’t necessarily require pristine, perfect spaces. In fact, it embraces the worn and lived-in feel, so don’t be afraid to mix and match or use second-hand items.

Incorporate Botanicals – Boho Aesthetic Bedroom


Plants are a must-have in your bedroom. Incorporating greenery not only purifies the air but also adds an element of life and freshness to the space. Couple this with naturally printed cushions, curtains, and even a green accent wall, and your boho bedroom will truly feel like a sanctuary. Try selecting easy-to-care plants that adapt well to indoor environments, such as snakes, spiders, or cacti. You can even have an indoor tree, given the room’s ceiling is high enough.

Experiment with different plant stands and planters in varying colors and textures as well to add more depth and interest. Beyond plants, botanical prints can also uplift the boho spirit. Choose eco-friendly materials where possible – linen curtains with plant prints, bamboo blinds, or wallpapers showcasing tropical themes all add to creating an earthy, natural ambiance.

Embellish with Bohemian Decoration

Bohemian decor should tell a story. It should reflect your journey, your passions, and your personality. Anything can be a piece of decor in a boho bedroom – a vintage mirror, a poster from a gig you attended, a collectible from your travels, a family heirloom, or perhaps a tattoo art you love. The point is to surround yourself with items that hold meaning and bring joy to you. Textiles play a huge role in creating a boho room’s layered, cozy feel.

Rugs throws, tapestries, and macrame hangings add color, texture, and warmth. Mix a variety of colors and patterns, and don’t limit yourself to using textiles in traditional ways. A throw can be used as a wall hanging, and rugs can be layered one on top of the other. Create a gallery wall with your favorite quotes, artwork, or family pictures. Place candles or fairy lights to bring that whimsy and magic to the room. Experiment with pottery, ceramics, or woven baskets for style and storage. Metallic accents, in moderation, can add a romantic touch and break the color monotony.

Playing with Lighting


How you light your room affects the mood and ambiance of the space. For a boho bedroom that’s serene and cozy, opt for soft, warm lighting. Table lamps with warm white bulbs, fairy lights, or candles can create an ambiance. These give off a flattering and comforting glow, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Also, consider having plenty of natural lighting in the room. A room that’s drenched in sunlight gives rise to a cheery and inviting ambiance that’s very much in sync with the boho style.

When the sunlight gets overwhelming, have sheer curtains or jute blinds that cut out the harshness and let in the warm, diffused light. Be creative with your light fixtures. Look for quirky pieces – a vintage lampshade, a handmade candle stand, a lantern passed down generations, or a lamp DIYed out of mason jars. As long as you love the piece, it’ll blend perfectly in a boho bedroom.

Layer, Mix, and Match

Boho style is all about layering and mixing. Layer rugs on top of carpets, throw on top of sheets, pillows on pillows. This is what creates a sense of coziness and warmth – the core value of a boho bedroom. Combining a mid-century modern nightstand with a vintage dresser, a rustic mirror with an avant-garde lamp, and a monochrome rug with a colorful throw – such mix and match brings a deep, eclectic vibe to the room. Don’t restrict yourself. The goal of a boho bedroom is to create a space where the conventional rules of interior design are blurred. A space that comforts you brings you joy, and expresses your personality.

Invite Personality and Intimacy


A boho bedroom should be a place where one can feel at utmost peace and comfort. Introducing elements of your personality and life can help achieve that. Books, DIY artwork, polaroid pictures, travel souvenirs – these can all add to the room’s intimate feel.

The bedroom should also inspire happiness and romanticism. This can be achieved by simple items like a dreamcatcher over the bed, a canopy of fairy lights, a rug that’s soft under your feet, or even the scent of your favorite candles wafting in the air. The bottom line is that the room should have a positive, relaxing vibe where the distress of life can be forgotten, even if for a while. It should serve as a safe hideaway that mirrors your life journey.


As this article illustrates, a boho bedroom reflects your experiences, creativity, and the basic desire for comfort. It’s a style that doesn’t adhere to any fixed rules, that’s free-flowing, and that’s an extension of your unique character. So trust your instincts and let your boho bedroom be a perfect example of organized chaos where every element has meaning and purpose. Follow our tips, and you’ll be able to design the bedroom of your dreams – Boho Aesthetic Bedroom

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