Buying A New Kitchen Vs an Old One

Are you struggling with the dilemma of investing in a completely new kitchen or renovating an old one? Well, you are not alone as hundreds and thousands of customers like you are caught in the process of buying a new kitchen or investing in a used one to stay at the top of your budget. Most have little or no idea about renovating a kitchen and what kind of expenditure to expect.

Read on to learn more about the subject and browse for more information on new kitchens and have a look at the leading ex-display kitchens.

A New Kitchen

If planning to set up a new kitchen, be prepared to put in an enormous amount in budgeting. A lot will rely on the size of the kitchen, bespoke designs, and the branded appliances you intend to use. Setting up a new kitchen can cost on average anywhere from $15 k to more than $100 k, depending on upscaling and modelling. The price of a modern kitchen is dependent on many factors, such as the size, the materials, products, and how customized the finish is.

Renovating an old kitchen

Based on the current trends and remodel ranges, remodelling a used and old kitchen can cost around $30-40k. The final cost of a major kitchen renovation includes painting, installing appliances, replacing the sink, redoing the cabinets, replacing the tiles, and more. Again, it will depend on the kitchen size, design, and materials used for the renovation.

But do not despair as you can always plan the average cost of your kitchen by looking at some Ex-display kitchens. These kitchens are the rage among customers because of the useful information provided.

Ex-display kitchens

Expand your level of awareness as you browse through the most extensive range of Ex Display Kitchens that are for sale this year. These are complete kitchens that come with appliances from top brands in the market, and one can ask for detailed product information along with images and measurements. The advantage of looking at these kitchens is that you not only get to surf through some amazing designer kitchens done by leading experts and designers as well as family brand names in the field.

Discuss the costs in terms of cost-per-square-foot with the designer and scroll down the kitchen listings on the web that fall within your price bracket. You can look for particular kitchen styles based on your preferences and get expert advice from professionals in the market.

As a useful rule of thumb, kitchen remodelling should not cost more than 15% of the total value of your home. The labor costs can range from about 20%-35% of the total budget for the kitchen. And once you have an umber with you, add an extra 20% in order to cover the unexpected costs.

Buying a used kitchen or renovating it need to be expensive, especially if you make the right start with the right information from reliable sources. Just get rid of all the confusion and take off that pressure when planning a kitchen.

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