Upgrade Ideas for a Beautiful Restroom

Refurbished restrooms are up the alley of many house owners and purchasers. Adding gorgeous finishes, valuable pieces, and innovative accents to your restroom may transform not only the look of it but the overall vibe of your house. For more information on bathroom remodeling, make sure to check out Victoria Plum.

You will discover everything from ingenious remodels to complete restroom renovations, as well as imaginative design schemes, small restroom inspirations, and so on, below. 

Backsplash that reaches to the Ceiling

A backsplash is essential for giving a restroom an exquisite aesthetic touch while safeguarding the walls from splashes and excessive moisture damage. Most lavatory tiling extends a few inches over the counter and frequently ends just under the mirrors.

Over-Sized Spherical Mirrors 

Another practical yet basic idea would be employing oversized spherical mirrors. Choose a circular mirror to hang above the vanity. Above two vessel-shaped sinks, a spherical mirror would instead look majestic and not overbearing. 

A Floating Shelf over Free-standing Bathtubs

If you enjoy taking a bath, your environment should be constructed with this in consideration. A quaint bathroom with a floating shelf over the bathtub would add to the beauty of the restroom. 

Wooden mats and stools can also keep magazines, books, and other bathing essentials close at hand. You will appreciate having an accommodating arrangement whether you bathe once or twice every week or daily.

Norman Mirrors on Both Sides

Norman windows, defined as a semi-circle over a rectangle or square, are delightfully antiquated yet aesthetically unique. A restroom that combines the design with two mirrors atop a double vanity, a vintage medium mahogany finish and, stylish gold fittings completes the aesthetic. 


If you ever sense something lacking in your restroom, you may undoubtedly use some flora. A succulent is an excellent choice for the environment because it requires little water but can withstand high humidity. If you are designing a windowless bathroom or do not feel comfortable caring for a huge indoor plant, plenty of realistic-looking imitation options are available on the market.

Vanity Lighting with Sconces

Placing sconces on each side of the mirrors is among the most exemplary restroom ideas for people looking to change up their countertop illumination. Sconce lights come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from trendy and futuristic to vintage and rustic, so you will likely discover something that will match your d├ęcor.

Baskets are a great way to add Complexity

Baskets can offer organic structure to a tiled restroom and contrast to an all-white space. These jute-woven receptacles are ideal for storing robes and footwear or as laundry baskets. Baskets can also be helpful for additional towel storage if they can fold and compress towels properly.

Vessel Sinks 

Consider vessel sinks if you do not want to add standard basins to your double vanity. This bowl-shaped sink rests atop the counter, creating a sleek aesthetic that is personalized and unique.

Gold Accents Throughout

Another of the most straightforward restroom ideas for achieving an elite appearance without spending loads of money is using gold accents throughout the interior. There are numerous ways to include this high-end metallic element, from lighting systems and mirror casings to taps and cabinet knobs.

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