Can I Put an Air Purifier Against a Wall?

You can breathe clean and healthy air at all times when you use an air purifier. The best spot to store it is where you spend the most time or in a room with poor air quality. Safety and ventilation are two crucial factors to consider when setting it in a place.

Don’t place the machine away in a corner, but make sure it is not placed in an area where it can be tripped over. The best location for an air purifier is with a large coverage area on the wall.

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Wall-mounted air purifiers provide more convenience while also keeping your home clutter-free. Each room should have its own air purifier to ensure maximum protection.

Can I Put an Air Purifier Against a Wall?

Though most people place air purifiers on the floor, this is not effective. Purifiers require space to take in air and push it out into the room in order to function properly. It can’t take in as much air as it’s pressed up against a wall.

You have to put this machine at least 3 to 5 feet off the ground and 8 feet from all sides. And for this, an ideal wall mounted air purifier will be the best option for you. This can capture and purify your home’s air, both horizontally and vertically.

While you put your air purifier on the wall in these particular ways, it helps to remove airborne particles from the maximum air. When installing an air purifier, the device can capture the maximum quantity of indoor air particles and significantly improve the interior air quality.

Why Should You Use an Air Purifier Against a Wall?

You need to use your air purifier against a wall for many reasons. Here we’ve added some of them-

●     Small Home or Room Size

If you have a small home or your room size is comparatively tiny, putting your air purifier in the wall is the best option. This will leave space for other furniture in your room.

●     Less Floor Space Will Use

The floor is the place where all the kids spend most of the time. Having large floor space could be possible if you think of attaching your air purifiers to the wall.

●     Keep Away from Children and Pets

If you have kids or pets in your home, putting air purifiers on the floor or a table could be risky. Sticking fingers on it or even slot toys on it can cause it to break; that’s why mounting it on the wall can solve this issue simply.

●     Elevated Position

When you put your air purifier on the floor, it can’t work properly. It only purifies the air of a small portion of your rooms. You can attach your air purifier in the elevated position, and it’ll purify the entire atmosphere of your room.

●     Better Control and Better Look

While you have a wall-mounted air purifier with remote control, it’s effortless to control it. It makes your home’s wall more esthetic and increases the overall look.

How to Install the Wall Mounted Air Purifier?

Unbox the air purifier and place the filter back inside. Mounting this air purifier will be more complicated than the regular portable one. Here is how to install the wall mount air purifier with some easy steps-

●     Determine the Place:

First, determine the wall where you want to put your air purifier to hang. Commit sure if there is any wall socket you need to plug in it. Moreover, you need to consider more things, keep your air purifier at least 2 feet down from your ceiling. Keeping at least an 8 inches gap from all the sides is the best thing you do to get the best result.

●     Mark the Wall and Drill the Holes:

Take a pencil and mark the point by measuring the distance if you want to avoid the miss-drill. Now take your drill to make the hole according to your bracket.

●     Attach the Bracket:

Now take your bracket, use the wall plugs before screwing it with the wall. Because without wall plugs, the bracket won’t be firm enough. Make sure you attach the bracket in the right orientation.

●     Detach the Purifier Base:

If your air purifier is a dual-purpose machine, then it’ll come with a detachable base underneath; detach it. 

●     Prepare the Air Purifier:

Find if the air purifier has some protective discs or blocks with it. If you find something like this, attach them to the bottom of the back. 

●     Mount the Purifier and Test:

Place the air purifier carefully on the bracket with both hands. Align the air purifier with the hooks of it and put it gently. Don’t leave it until you’re sure about the firmness of it.

A wall-mounted air purifier works in what way?

It functions similarly to other air purifiers, but ordinary air purifiers are put on the floor.  The sole distinction is that wall-mounted air purifiers are hung or installed on the wall or ceiling. Both air purifiers include similar filters and purify your home air delicately.

Why is it good to have a wall-mounted air purifier?

A wall-mounted air purifier is hung to the wall or ceiling. As a result, it covers a larger area and performs better. Extremely efficient against odor and scent, as well as a variety of other pollutants. However, these purifiers are designed to cover a 360-degree area. So, placing them in the center of your home will provide better results. Your family members and you will be most comfortable when it’s located where you spend most of your time.

Wrapping Up

This is all about putting the air purifier against a wall. The majority of these air purifiers come with both wall-mounted and stand-alone options. As a result, you receive all the advantages of a standard one as a bonus. As a result, it’s a great thing in every way.

If you have any issues, you can use the comment area to ask questions about this topic or anything about wall-mount air purifiers. You’ll hear from us as soon as possible with the right answers.

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