Chandler Landscaping 101: 8 DIY Tips For A Professional-Looking Garden Design

Garden design has a lot of benefits. Primarily, it adds value to the yard. For instance, Chandler landscaping provides improvements increasing the resale value of a property. In addition, it prepares the layout of the yard for the future. 

More often than not, garden design helps in deciding whether or not a set of pavers is fitting. Or if a hedge of shrubs is better than a concrete divider in a specific situation. Proper design also keeps you and your garden safe from wildlife; for example snake fencing featured in keeps those critters out. . These are some of the points that professional landscaping could work on.  

Suppose you’re planning to develop your garden. In that case, you may need to read this article. It has tips and tricks that could make your garden professionally looking. So, read on! 

1. Assess Your Garden’s Needs 

Big Garden Grass Field Mowing by Caucasian Gardener

Start with assessing the immediate needs of your gardens. If there’s already existing features, you may just consider what would complement them. If you’d start from scratch, plan an initial layout. Remove the debris. Identify portions that would undergo massive remodeling for hardscapes and irrigation. Furthermore, consider the type of soil.   

Assuming you’re in Chandler or its nearby cities, you may look for other options for garden assessment. You could hire a landscaping Chandler AZ, Chandler Landscaping that could provide you with more ideas about landscaping needs. 

2. Start With A Central Point 

Choosing the central point of the garden design will help you in establishing its symmetry. It simply refers to the balance of the garden design and features. In addition, the focal point also helps in scaling the different parts of the yard.  

3. Consider The Dominant Landscaping Elements 

The hardest part in garden landscaping may be the application of the various landscaping elements. To know more about them, here are the four elements: 


This showcases the overall taste of the homeowners. Because of this, they should carefully choose their color. Generally, warm colors such as orange, yellow, and red dominate the background. On the other hand, cooler colors like violet, green, and blue are ideal for accentuating the dominant ones. Apart from the synthetic colors of the hardscapes, color combinations can be attributed to the grass, flowers, and leaves. Another consideration is the season when the landscaping will take place. Generally, it affects the hues of the natural colors.  


This element refers to how would objects in surroundings relate to each other. For example, a big fat tree wouldn’t compliment a single garden structure. Another instance is a set of shrubs and green lawn would complement large trees. The sizes of the different objects show how they would look right or wrong with each other. 


This refers to the real and implied lines of the landscape. Generally, the horizontal lines would be the basis for most arrangements and layouts. They’re based on the height of the trees and large structures. The installed trees, plants, and hardscapes tell, on the other hand, the implied lines. 


Basically, this refers to the intersection and combination of lines. In the concept of landscaping, it’s how outlines and edges meet and work with each other. Typically, forms are made when viewed as a single unit of the landscape. It involves the three dimensions.  Suppose you’re in Gilbert or its nearby places, and you’re looking for better applications of these elements. Then, you may consider hiring a provider of an efficient Gilbert Landscaping, Landscaping Gilbert AZ, for better results.

4. Avoid Using Landscape Fabric 

In most cases, homeowners install landscape fabrics for weed control. Yet, it prevents earthworms and other organic aerators that could make the soil richer in the process. In addition, it also avoids mulching as it acts as a barrier. 

5. Choose The Plants Properly 

Consider selecting the plants. Some would just meet aesthetic standards but won’t add value to the landscape. Some may provide extra shade, while others are ideal for bedding. For these purposes, here are some points that a homeowner and a landscaper could look into: 

  • Types of trees: according to shapes, fall-foliage, shade, evergreen, or flowering 
  • Garden shrubs: fast-growing or flowering 
  • Types of vines: invasive or slow-growing 
  • Types of ground covers: grass or flowering foliage types 
  • Annuals: flowering, shading, or flowering 
  • Perennials: long-blooming, tall or short 

6. Install An Efficient Water System 

Having a proper irrigation system for your garden and yard will provide you with a lot of benefits. It prevents having brown grass and inadequate water supply. In addition, its presence simply means that your garden has undergone a better layout as irrigation needs to have one. Furthermore, a well-irrigated landscape is easy to clean and maintain.  

7. Plan For Proper Maintenance Checkups 

In any home improvement, proper maintenance is necessary. Aside from keeping the plants in their best condition, maintenance checkups detect early signs of troubles in the garden and yard. To have the finest maintenance, you may consider hiring a landscaping services provider. You may also consider doing it on your own for a cheaper option.  

8. Choose Effective Hardscape Designs And Installation 

Hardscape designs and essentials, such as pavers, walls, and stamped concretes, are more than just designs. They’re essential in keeping the soil compact and help in avoiding soil erosion. In addition, hardscaping provides depth and a certain edge, contributory to landscaping elements. This way, it keeps the whole idea of landscaping in balance. 

Wrapping Up 

Landscaping is one way of preserving nature. When homeowners landscape their yards properly, they help provide a better space for nature. In addition, landscaped yards are better looking. Landscaping also helps in keeping the yard organized, cleaned, and well-maintained.  

Chandler landscaping seems to be a way that could turn the barren ground into a professionally designed landscape. Yet, having one may need a long transformation. However, there are professional tips one could apply to make a yard professionally looking. 

Suppose you’re planning to landscape your yard. In that case, you may reread the tips and tricks you’ve got from this write-up. Consider each suggestion and assess your situation. If you find them helpful, use them. Yet, always consider what’s applicable and beneficial to you and your yard at all times and you can also call the residential landscape company to make it easier for you. 

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