Design Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Home

If you have a busy schedule, the last thing you want to do is spend all of your time cleaning. With the stresses of everyday life, more homeowners are looking to have a low-maintenance property. Thankfully, there are a lot of low-maintenance design options out there. This includes buying laminate flooring from a wood flooring shop UK to investing in recessed lighting. So, let’s take a look at some design ideas for a low-maintenance home.

Select Laminate Flooring

If there is one thing in the home that can take forever to clean it is the floor. So, you want to ensure that you choose a low maintenance option. Namely, this is going to be laminate flooring. Suppliers like often promote its low maintenance as a key selling point – and, as a result, a lot of homeowners are making the switch from wooden floors and carpet to laminate since it is easy to clean.

You can vacuum or sweep to keep away dust, dirt and debris. In addition, you can simply use water and natural ingredients like vinegar to clean laminate flooring. It is suitable for use in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, as well as being hardwearing and scratch-resistant. This makes it perfect for an active family.

Create a Mudroom

One of the reasons a home can become dirty is because people wear their shoes indoors. It can also result when outdoor clothing and jackets are brought through the home. To avoid this from happening, you can create a mudroom. This can be at your front door and it is going to allow for home organization. When you come in from the outdoors, you can leave your clothing and shoes here. For low maintenance, you can keep a coat tree and shoe rack. As a result, your home will not be subject to so much dirt and debris, which means less cleaning.

Choose High Reaching, Closed Cabinets

Open shelving units may look stylish and display a lot of your décor. But, if you are looking to create an easy-to-maintain home, this is not what you want. Instead, you should invest in high reaching cabinets in the kitchen. This is going to avoid cleaning the top of them and creates less dust to gather. In addition, open shelves are going to collect dust and even pet dander. This will require regular dusting. Again, closed cabinets and shelving units are going to be the best option. It will also provide more storage space for hiding away items you do not want people to see.

Invest in Recessed Lighting

Another option to consider is recessed lighting. This offers a sleek design that can allow you to enjoy more of your ceiling. While a lot of homeowners like the design, another reason why this type of lighting is popular is that they are low maintenance. A lot of hanging light fixtures and ceiling fans are going to require you to clean them on a regular basis. Otherwise, dust can gather, as well as spread around the room. Recessed lighting can also add value to a property.

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