How to Style a Rustic Kitchen (Without Sacrificing Luxury)

Do you long for a warming, traditional-style kitchen but refuse to compromise on your modern appliances or furniture? Luckily, a rustic kitchen does not have to be inconvenient or uncomfortable. Inject some pastoral country spirit into any kitchen – whether you live in an apartment block or a cottage – with some simple styling tricks.

Create a Rustic Feature Wall

You don’t have to live in a log cabin to create the feel of the countryside indoors. Simply use reclaimed wood to create one feature wall in your kitchen. Reclaimed wood is ideal because it effectively creates the natural aesthetic while being easy to install and versatile. It has a lot more character than new wood and is environmentally conscious too. Modern kitchen appliances look stunning set against this rustic backdrop.

Stick with Stone

Natural stone worktops create a sublimely organic feel to the kitchen. Plus, they are hardwearing and extremely functional. Or, add a stone floor to your room for durability and country style. Even the addition of a stone mantelpiece or accessories helps to create a sense of calm country life. Style stone with natural wood and add a pop of colour with your appliances.

Use Accessories for Maximum Effect

Don’t underestimate how effectively accessories can tie the look of your room together. You may not want to remodel your kitchen but you can add carefully chosen décor to update the look. Create country chic with cosy cushion covers, checked curtains, or homely rag rugs. Simple and colourful rattan table mats on your table elevate your kitchen space in just a few seconds. Change your accessories with ease if the look isn’t quite working for you.

Discover the Bigger Picture

Look at how other designers have created luxury kitchen spaces for a rustic feel. Check out these inspiring interiors for a start. Gain inspiration from projects that work with the same kind of space you have, whether your kitchen is palatial or poky.

Use Modern Clean Lines

Your kitchen does not have to be uniformly “rustic”, and it may look too much like a museum piece if you overdo the country chintz. Create a pleasing contrast between rustic pieces and the smooth, clean lines of modern appliances and neutral walls. Your kitchen will look more modern but will still retain its elements of the countryside ideal. It will also be easier to keep clean.

But Keep Some Distressed Surfaces

However, your kitchen won’t be particularly rustic if every surface is smooth, immaculate, and shiny. Use primitive painting methods for some surfaces. Keep some rough edges to your furnishings. And create a warming and cosy space by adding soft textiles like country-style tablecloths and chair pads. Add salvage or auction finds to increase the country chic.

A rustic-style kitchen is naturally welcoming and cosy. Create your ideal space by mixing elements of the rural ideal with modern, functional appliances and clean lines to the walls. Your kitchen will soon become everyone’s favourite space in the house.

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