Simple DIY Gift Box Ideas for Boyfriend 

DIY Gift Box – How to make a surprise DIY gift box for my boyfriend? This question is one that many of us ask ourselves to surprise our partners. And yes, making a surprise DIY gift box for a boyfriend is possible. Is your boyfriend having a birthday? Is it his birthday, or is Valentine’s Day coming up? Do you want to get out of the routine and give him something special? Don’t know how to make a guy happy with a gift? Do you think you have exhausted all options?

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Well, we let you know that you’re reading the excellent article: today we’re going to teach you how to make a surprise box for your boyfriend that will impress him. A surprise box for your boyfriend is a very fun gift to give, but it’s even more dynamic when it comes time to see the face of the person who will receive it. As soon as he opens it, a surprise will jump out from within, causing a funny scare for your partner. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making your box from scratch, you can buy a surprise box. However, since this article talks about “DIY”, we focus on making our own. 

How do I make a surprise box for my boyfriend? 

To make a surprise box for your boyfriend, you will need cardboard, adhesive, coloured paper, ribbon, scissors, a ruler, pencil, glue, and boxes of different sizes. 

– In the smallest box, you need to put any gift you want to make and wrap it nicely. This could be a handkerchief, perfume, pen, keychain, or some other gift that you know she will love and can keep there. 

– Place the small squares in a row inside the larger box, like a moving box, and make strong cardboard strips 10 centimetres by 10 centimetres wide. Fold like a ladder so that it has a jumping quality when you open the box. 

– Then, make a circle 10 centimetres wide and stick it on the first piece as if it were ahead. You can colour it into a clown or draw a heart-shaped face. 

– Take the movable box and proceed to make a surprise box for your boyfriend, according to the model you choose and decorate with colourful wrapping paper. 

– Then, glue a sheet of tab paper in it. This way, you will ensure that the shock is kept as high and wide as possible. 

– Finally, fold a piece of paper and glue it to the lid. With another strip and stick it right in front of the lock. Try to close the box with a strong paper lock. 

There are many gifts to choose from. Make sure you can bear the budget and don’t push yourself too much because giving our loved ones is based on sincerity. If you diligently search the Internet, you can find various quality inexpensive options. If your boyfriend is nearsighted, you might be able to get him a pair of contact lenses. You can shop for contact lenses at designer optics online. Hopefully, what has been explained in this article is useful for you – DIY Gift Box

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