DIY Pergola Kits: 5 Things to Look For

Many homeowners like the idea of having pergolas in their backyards. Pergolas are sheltered walkways you can install to protect your garden or patio. They can have various design features and be constructed of several different materials.

You can have a company install a pergola for you, but you can also do it yourself. If you choose the latter option, you can buy pergola kits and get them delivered directly.

If you’re ordering a pergola kit to build one yourself, you should look for five specific things before you start. We’ll talk about those right now.

Excellent Online Feedback

You’ll most likely order your pergola kit through an online entity. Before you do, though, you should take some time and study the company’s online feedback.

If they’re a reputable entity with many satisfied clients, you should see plenty of five-star reviews. You should have no trouble locating feedback where customers rave about how pleased and happy they are with the company and its products.

You should probably go with another company if you do not see that. Any negative reviews should quickly get your attention.

All the Materials You Need Included in the Kit

These do-it-yourself pergola kits should be all-inclusive. That means they should come with all of the materials you need. You should not have to buy additional items to erect a pergola that will fit your needs.

Detailed Instructions

You might feel like you have some pretty serviceable DIY skills, but that does not necessarily mean you have a great deal of knowledge about pergolas and putting them together. You should look for a pergola kit that comes with highly detailed instructions.

The instructions should have visual aids and ought to be easy to follow. You shouldn’t have to be Bob Villa to figure out how to assemble your pergola. The average person should be able to do it based on the directions.

A Generous Warranty Length

You should look at the warranty length that you get with your pergola kit. Some pergola kits have a one-year warranty on all the parts that come with them. That’s not bad, but if you can get a two-year warranty, that’s even better. If you are fortunate, you might even find a five-year warranty or a longer one than that.

If you’re looking at a pergola kit that’s a little more expensive, but the parts come with double the warranty of a cheaper one, you might go with the more expensive one for that reason.

A Reasonable Price

You want a pergola for the backyard, but not at a prohibitive cost. If the pergola kit you’re looking at is entirely out of your price range, go with a different one. You want a pergola, but if you’re spending way more than anticipated, you won’t be happy about that.

Look at all of these factors when choosing a pergola kit. 

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