12 Dorm Christmas Decorations for Creative Students

Dorm Christmas Decorations – Whether you are at home with your family or in college with your friends, Christmas is a truly magical time. The season finds a way to impart joy and make everything seem a bit more cheerful. 

So, now, it is time to get your dorm room in the spirit of the season. All you need is a few touches to make your space feel like a wonderland. Add some creativity to the mix, and you have a perfect space to feel more Christmassy and even kick off a splendid New Year’s eve. 

Fairy Lights Christmas Tree


Everybody seems to have fairy lights in their dorms these days. And the chances are that you might too. If not, these are the first things to add to your shopping list. Instead of draping it around your bed or desk, you can hang it from the ceiling to add a twist or put it in a jar to add a small Christmas tree ornament on top. 

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Christmas Pillow Cover


The trick to getting your dorm room ready for the holidays is to add some small accent touches. You do not want to make significant changes that it becomes even a troublesome task to take them down. And in that manner, what better than a holiday-inspired pillow cover that will instantly make your room more festive?

If needed, you can even stick to solid colors such as white, green, red, gold, or silver instead of buying prints and patterns. Moreover, you can change these after the season and reuse them for years to come. 

Fake Snow and Window Stickers

With global warming, you never know whether this year’s Christmas will be snowy or not. But you might not have to wait around until you find out to make it feel cozy inside your room. Why not make your windows look more magical with some fake snow? Add these to the window sills and use some stickers to brighten up the view from your room right away. 

DIY Paper Snowflakes and Garlands


If you want to go all out for Christmas with DIY, you can also try making some garlands yourself. You can also cut out some snowflakes and hang them in your room. Use some glittering paper, and you will have the ambiance of a Christmas party space. These will be just right for a New Year party decor too. 

Build a DIY Fireplace


If you are looking for creative Christmas decor, then you also need to include some DIY into the list. And this fireplace is a perfect idea that is simple and easy to execute. All you need is some cardboard and paint. You can cut these out in the shape of a fireplace and add some electric lanterns underneath. 

If you are wondering where to get the supplies, you can easily find some cardboard around your campus or even get some online. In case your budget allows, you could even include some wallpaper and make it look brick-like. 

Mini Stockings  

If you have a fireplace, you might as well hang stockings, right? You can also use mini stockings if you do not want to splurge on big ones. Use these to hang on the DIY mantle or somewhere in your room. 

You can also use this as an opportunity to treat your friends with small gifts over the holidays, even if it’s candy. 

Spruce Up your Doors 

Decorating your dorm room door is one of the ways that could make the space welcoming for others. Now, this is an idea where you can get truly creative, such as:

  • You can get some rolls of wrapping paper and gift wrap the entire door itself. 
  • Or, add some stocking with treats so your neighbors walking past your door can grab one on the go. 
  • You can even stick a chalkboard on the door, so you can leave messages that would cheer up the passers-by. 

These are only a few of the countless different versions you can decorate your door for the better. Do not hesitate to get creative. 

DIY your Christmas Tree

A fresh green Christmas tree will always be the best option, and however, it might not be the feasible one for everyone in a dorm. So, why not get creative with this item? There are many ways for you to do this; all you need is to achieve the shape of a tree. 

One inspiring way is to stick photos of your friends and family in the shape of a tree. You can also make one with string lights and add some other ornaments. If you are one to read, you can even try making a tree with your books. 

Paper Lanterns and Candles 


Lights are always the easiest ways to make your room look dreamy. And candles and paper lanterns will work even outside the holiday season. If you are in a creative mood, you can buy normal ones and decorate them yourself. You can even make paper lanterns by cutting out colored papers and using some string. 

Otherwise, there are plenty of candles available in the market these days. These are budget-friendly and will fit in with any decor. But, before you light too many, perhaps you might want to make sure that you are following the fire safety guidelines. 


No Christmas decor is truly complete without a mistletoe. You can easily find these as ornaments these days, making it easier for you to hang them in your doorways. You can even try to snatch a kiss when someone walks into your room. 

Red Solo Cup Decor 


Another excellent way to incorporate budget-friendly decor is to use red solo cups. These come in the right color for Christmas and are also very versatile. There are a number of things you can do with these cups. For instance, you can string them together in a circle to make a garland. Or, you can stack them up to make a DIY Christmas tree. 

You can devise many ornaments from this or use them as candle holders to accent your room. You can also mix and match different colors, such as white and green, to complete the look of your decor. 

Decorate the Hallway – Dorm Christmas Decorations


You don’t have to limit the Christmas decorations to your dorm room alone. Why not take advantage of the hallways too? Use some string lights to line the corridors, and it will get everyone in a holiday mood. You can also use the door decor and hang garlands to make the space look and feel more joyful. 

In fact, all the ideas that we have included in the list can be used in your hallways and even common rooms. Needless to say, it will turn out to be a fun session if everyone chips in and dedicates a day to decorate the dorm – Dorm Christmas Decorations

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