Economical Ways To Stay Cool At Home

Another summer is here, and the heat isn’t friendly as usual. So, you will need accessories that consistently deliver cool air. You can still enjoy your summer without an artificial cooling system. So, you don’t have to break the bank to stay comfortable indoors, especially if you’re trying to save money or without electricity.

Regarding staying cool, you need various ventilation systems to protect you from hyperthermia and other heat illnesses, which can cause damage even to the brain.

Here are ways to stay cool and be comfortable indoors all summer long without air conditioning.

Install Subfloor Ventilation

Topping the list is the subfloor ventilation that extracts damp air from your home and allows the most relaxed atmosphere in this scorching summer. Asides from the cross ventilation you get to enjoy, it is cost-effective, plus you don’t have to upgrade your home with an AC.

Consider A Cold Bath Or Shower

You could use a bath or shower during the dog days of the summer. Conserving water is okay, but a cold shower can help you escape the sweltering heat. Plus, your body will feel refreshed and calm.

Drink Water

You hear this always; stay hydrated. The water temperature shouldn’t be a problem, since your body will warm it. Next time you are indoors, you feel hot, gulp water, it cools you. Drink water often!

Use A Box Fan

Sure you want to stay cool all summer, the box fan in your home can keep you cool. Please put it in a position where it faces outside the window of the room, and only open the window when you are in that room. Then, you can stay comfortable in the room with the fan blowing out the heat.

Invest In Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Although a fan can do so much, it’s time to take out those crazy bulbs and replace them with a LED bulb that’s cost-effective. If you come across a flash sale of LED light bulbs, grab it! They do not generate higher temperatures like the candent lamp.

Shutter Your Blinds Or Curtains

Few things can ruin your summer like direct sun rays peeping into your house. So, open curtains in the early morning and evenings. Once the sun comes out, close your blinds. You can replace your blinds with blackout material, keeping your house cool.

Set A Temporal Sleeping Area

The basement or a lower level area in your house can be helpful for a temporal sleeping area. When Mother Nature strikes, your cozy bed might become uncomfortable. And it can ruin your good night’s sleep. Fortunately, You can still have a restful sleep in your basement.

Just because summer is here and your home does not have AC shouldn’t make summer less fun. Explore these genius tips at low cost (if you have to spend money). Better still, install a subfloor ventilator, contact ExtractAir today and get the best out of your summer. 

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