Essential Features when Choosing a Sofa

Sofa is the type of furniture that fits in almost every room. Unlike for example cabinets, sofas are not produced for a specific type of activity, but they still have the nuances that should be considered when you are choosing a one. 

The best way to find the right sofa for you is to search for it online because the choice is wider and you have time and enough information to make the best choice for your situation. homeydesignstore provides a wide choice of the different types of sofas, but to know exactly what you need and what will be the best variant for you read the information below. 

Living room sofa

In the living room, the sofa should be a cozy place to relax for the whole family, comfortable for sitting in front of the TV or playing board games.

The sofa should have an attractive and solid look, since guests will often sit on it, think about the possibility of using it as a bed, it can be a secondary factor.

Large sofas that can accommodate more than three people are the most popular for the living room.

Both the fabric and different types of leather are selected as upholstery (to emphasize the status of the room and the design of the apartment as a whole).

The presence of a transformation mechanism, of course, will not be superfluous, because it happens that guests or relatives need to be left overnight – a comfortable sleeping place will definitely be useful.

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Leisure sofa bed

Should be as comfortable and cozy as possible. The folding mechanism of such sofas is designed for daily use, and the dimensions do not have to be large enough.

In sofa beds, it is desirable to have special niches and boxes for storing bed linen and extra pillows.

When choosing a sofa for your bedroom, we advise you to pay attention to the quality of the seat upholstery – the quality of your sleep will also depend on it. Upholstery should be practical and easy to clean.

Sofa for kitchen

Such a sofa will have to exist in conditions of increased stress because the kitchen is a place where high humidity and strange odors reign, where there are many opportunities to stain furniture with something that is not easy to clean. Therefore, a sofa with water-repellent upholstery is the ideal choice.

Choose the right size of the sofa so it does not take all the free space in the kitchen.

Pay attention to the sofas for the kitchen with an extra niche for storing useful items.

Sofa for the nursery

If you are buying a sofa for a child, make sure that:

– you choose it considering the child’s growth

– it fits into the interior of the children’s room

-there are no sharp protruding or hard corners.

The transformation mechanism should be simple enough so that the child can independently handle it – for example, an “accordion”, “euro book” or retractable structures with lamellas. As a filler for a children’s sofa, it is better to choose a material of medium hardness, which will not spoil the child’s posture and will not sag over time. An independent spring block at the base of the sofa is also a good option.

Types of upholstery for sofas

The structure of the upholstery affects the appearance of the sofa, the atmosphere in the room and the further use of the furniture. For example, soft fabrics with muted tones will create coziness in a room and will be the perfect choice for a bedroom, while a smooth, tightly stretched fabric will add austerity and a business atmosphere.

Faux suede upholstery looks very nice, but is not suitable for all rooms. It is quite slippery and traces often remain on it when moving “against the pile”.

There are two types of leather upholstery:

  • natural
  • artificial

Genuine leather is the most expensive, but also the most pleasant to the touch. Such a sofa will attract the eyes and emphasize the status of the owners of an apartment or office.

Artificial leather is cheaper, made from environmentally friendly materials, but it always looks different. On some sofas, faux leather will be difficult to distinguish from real, on others, unnaturalness will be striking. In this case, it is better to focus on the appearance of the furniture.

The fabric base for upholstery is the most popular and practical today. Some manufacturers provide the ability to remove the upholstery from the sofa and send it to clean or wash, which is much more convenient than changing it entirely. Many modern fabrics are washable, resistant to heat and many other factors, but this does not make them “immortal”, so dirt should be avoided in any case.

The most common fabrics for upholstery are chenille, flock, and micro-fiber. They are most suitable for home use.

If you have pets, you should take a closer look at anti-claw upholstery fabrics (most often these are flock varieties). They are smooth and lint-free on the surface, so it is difficult to pick them up with a claw and make eyelets on the surface.

Shapes and types of sofas

Straight sofas are the most common classics on sale. They have a simple design and are comfortable to sleep on. They are usually placed along the walls in small rooms.

Conditionally, sofas in shape can be divided into:

They do not always have a transformation mechanism.

Corner sofas can help fill in empty spaces in your home, making them useful. They do not always come in large sizes, therefore, not all models will allow you to stretch out into the whole height.

Armchairs and chair-beds. A tribute to the past, when they tried to save every square meter in apartments. If a cozy armchair will always be in place, especially if you do not want to share your island of comfort with someone else, then a transformable armchair can be a good help for organizing another berth. Such chairs are not intended for sleeping every day, since the width of the berth can be about 60 cm, which is not enough for a good rest.

Modular sofas allow you to plan your room the way you want, ideal for larger spaces. You can choose the required number of elements of the sofa yourself, as well as swap them as you wish if the sofa is large enough.

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