Planning A Kitchen Remodel? Keep These Essential Elements In Mind

Kitchens are often regarded as the heart of the home, and as such, it is often the most frequently refreshed part of the household .Even through the economic turbulence of 2020, kitchens have remained the second most popular home renovation, according to Google Search Trends. As a home evolves, revitalizing the kitchen becomes more of a need than a want with each passing year. Much like bathroom renovations, kitchen remodels are an interesting mix of stylistic and pragmatic choices. If you happen to be planning on doing your own remodels soon, take these tips on board to help you through the process.

Pay close attention to the most prominent features

The standout features of your kitchen reflect your cooking space’s personality. This includes such things as your countertops, backsplash, and even cabinets and faucets. When it comes to the overall aesthetic feel of the room, these are the areas you’d want to focus on. Generally, you’d want a continuous theme for your kitchen. Stone backsplashes are great with granite countertops and light wall paint, while subway tile backsplashes work best in stark white with matching cabinets and counters, and so on. The layout of your kitchen also expresses personality, as it gives a window into your family’s culinary practices. 

The tricky part here is marrying aesthetics with practicality. You’d want it to look appealing and be convenient at the same time. Plus, it would also be ideal to make sure your stylistic choices have a wider appeal for when you decide to sell the house. A good rule of thumb is to narrow down your search for materials and other features in terms of practicality, and then just choose the best-looking items from that selection. For example, only choose from a selection of backsplashes that you can bear to clean regularly. Mosaic backsplashes are notoriously hard to clean. Similarly, look for durable, easy to clean material such as quartz for your countertops, and simply choose the most attractive item in that narrowed-down list. 

Choose the right type of flooring

Flooring occupies a unique position in the kitchen. Like the walls, it serves to contrast the most standout features in the room in terms of both color and texture. But aside from that, it can also make the kitchen feel more spacious and free-flowing if you choose the right material. 

The natural beauty of wood is fantastic for this purpose. There’s something about the wood grain patterns that makes it seem as if the space is warmer and more expansive than it actually is. However, it’s prone to irreversible wear and tear. Porcelain tiles are also beautiful and easy to clean, but can be difficult to install and repair, plus they’re expensive. Vinyl offers the best of both worlds in that it can look just like wood without wearing down under foot traffic and kitchen activities, just like porcelain tile. You just have to keep in mind the best practices in cleaning luxury vinyl, and it can last you an impressively long time.

Be strategic with your storage

A kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to start re-planning your storage. Now’s your chance to tuck away everything more efficiently and optimally than ever before. The core challenge here is making it so that you have easy access to everything, while avoiding big, unwieldy cabinets and out-of-place cookware. In this case, employing a little creativity is in order. You may also have to talk to your remodeling contractor about getting custom cabinetry and other storage solutions. 

Dual-tiered storage is the latest trend that’s sweeping kitchen remodelling because it offers you a quick and dirty way to achieve both ease of access and streamlined storage. But there are other ways to achieve better storage in your kitchen. Consider spreading your kitchen items a little farther apart so as to not crowd any particular area. Islands are also great for storing things you need to quickly get your hands on, such as knives, graters, and other frequently used things. Similarly, you can also use the insides of cabinet doors and drawers to hang up items that you want to quickly have on hand, such as lids for the pots inside those containers. 

As long as you keep these three elements in check, your kitchen remodel is practically guaranteed to be a success. There are a few other things that go into the process of kitchen remodeling, but it’s essential that you get these things right in order to make it all worthwhile.

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