Five Pillow Types For Better Design and Comfort

Although the outside of your home is important for first impressions, homeowners insurance quotes, and realty, the inside counts. The interior of your home is your sanctuary. Therefore, it should contain things you enjoy and appeal to your design sensibilities. The right furniture, your favorite color upholstery, some tasteful drapes, maybe some artwork on the walls are a good place to start. Adding a nice rug to match the drinks can improve a room’s overall look. But to get the most out of your interior design, look no further than the humble pillow. Pillows are one of the most diverse accessories that can complement just about anything. Whether you’re adding some pillows for comfort, sleep, or just a visual enhancement, they can make a room come together. Here are five types of pillows that take your interior design to the next level.

Traditional Pillows

Traditional pillows are the no-frills, knife-edged pillows most of us have on our beds. A good quality pillow is going to support your head and be comfortable. Anyone wants to awaken with a stiff neck and a bad attitude following a lousy night’s sleep! Traditional pillows usually have down feathers, kapok, latex foam, or a down alternative as their filling.

For a better night’s rest, a hypoallergenic material helps keep those nasty allergens at bay so you can rest easy and breathe! Traditional pillows also make a great accent for a room outside of sleeping. Arrange a few pillows tastefully on the seats or backs of chairs. Match the pillowcases to the room’s decor and color scheme. When you have guests over (or want to lounge around), they can marvel at your exceptional taste while also being able to support their backs and behinds nicely—courtesy of your amazing pillows and keen sense of interior design.

Throw Pillows

Sometimes, making an aesthetic statement requires minimalism. Throw pillows are the ultimate in minimalist design, with a long history to match. Want to tie together the color accents in your room? We have two words for you: throw pillows! Throw pillows are traditionally used for adding some decoration and elegance to a room. They feature different types of designs or might be plain colored. Some contain an extra piece of fabric known as an envelope opening, while others might have a hidden zip opening. Throw pillows also have inserts filled with whatever stuffing material it’s made from. Down feathers are still popular, but some more eco-friendly options are made from sustainable materials available. Adding a few throw pillows to your couch closer to its edge adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise drab room.

Wedge Pillows

For the ultimate in pillow design, consider getting a nice wedge pillow. A good wedge pillow is a staple of ergonomic design and comfort. Such pillows are able to help support your body while you relax and they serve that purpose admirably. These pillows’ unique conical, the wedge-like shape makes them conform quite well to the hard lines of modern design aesthetics. They’re perfect for a bed, couch, or even leaning up against the wall as a decoration. Adding an eco-friendly memory foam wedge pillow to your furniture is good for your design and your body.

Yoga Pillows

Whether you’re a regular yoga practitioner, adding a yoga bolster pillow to your furniture is a good design choice. Bolster pillows are ostensibly intended for assisting yoga practitioners with some of the more difficult poses. But if you’re not the type who likes to practice yoga in your living room, don’t discount the yoga pillow just yet. A cylindrical pillow is great for adding a touch of class to a sofa or chair. But better yet, it can provide some comfort to your neck, legs, or lower back while you’re using those pieces of furniture. A yoga bolster pillow will certainly bolster your overall aesthetic, whether it be square or cylinder.

Novelty Pillows

When it all comes down to it, your interior design should evoke a sense of tasteful fun. And what better way to accomplish that than displaying novelty pillows in your home. Sometimes a novelty pillow might make you want to scream, “hey, the 50s called and they want their novelty designs back.” But in reality, a novelty pillow can liven up a room.

They look good with the right arrangement, but they can spark a conversation with friends and guests. Plus, if you get a novelty pillow of something you love, such as an Elvis pillow, and display it prominently in your room, it’ll show off your personality. Novelty pillows can come in many different shapes (rabbits, anyone?), forms, and designs. It will be hard to quantify them here, but rest assured that adding a novelty pillow to the rotation will be a fun way to show off your interior design skills.

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