Hot Nursery Design Trends to Watch Out For

Celebrities are famed for setting trends in everything from fashion to makeup and even nursery design but often, their choices reflect trends that are already hitting the design industry strongly. Take Rihanna, currently pregnant with a due date of summer 2022. The Umbrella singer is apparently opting for a gender-neutral nursery for her baby—a top trend that was announced in Rated People’s Nursery Trend Report 2022 in late 2021. If you are expecting a baby and are keen to incorporate a few current trends in addition to your own ideas, what other features should you watch out for?

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The Simplicity of White

Neutral hues have always been big among lovers of chic nursery styles, but this year, shades are going a bit lighter—all the way to snow-white. From curtains to crib furnishings, chairs to white furniture, lighter hues are seen as a way to embrace gender neutrality in an effortless, easy way. Going for white and cream hues does not mean foregoing color altogether, of course. A simple room can be given touches of joviality through colorful stars (think wall stickers), bunting (on the wall or suspended from one side of the room to another), and pompoms (think cute pompom arrangements affixed to the wall above the baby’s crib).

Nature Themes Dominate

Parents aged 40 and below belong to an eco-friendly generation that values aspects such as sustainability and the human-nature connection. The Great Outdoors has therefore become one of the most important themes in nursery design, with features such as flowers, stars, jungle animals, dogs, pandas, and sea life appearing on walls, stickers, cushions, and all things decorative. Even soft blankets boast raised sun, star, and moon shapes, paying homage to how beautiful nature is by night as well.

Story Books Come to Life

Parents who themselves grew up with storybooks and Disney films are bringing a bit of their own childhood into their kids’ nurseries. Just a few of the most popular fictional character themes include Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, and Star Wars. This trend centers on bringing the energy and magic of popular science fiction and adventure characters into the nursery.

Team Sports Rule

Activity-centered themes involving transport and vehicles (think cars, tractors, and rockets) now have major competition: those centered on the exciting world of sports! Rugby is taking pole position in this respect, followed by baseball, football, hockey, and cricket. One thing all these sports have in common is being part of a team. Top ideas include basketball hoops affixed onto reclaimed wooden wallboard, baseball glove-shaped shelves for toys and books, bedding featuring sports-related themes, and sports-themed nursery pennants, name signs, and letter art.

If you are currently designing your baby’s nursery, the good news is that there is a wide range of themes, colors, and vibes to choose from. From pristine white all the way to busy jungle themes, there are colors, shapes, and statement elements to turn your baby’s nursery into a cozy yet fun oasis. Sustainability, arguably one of the strongest trends to hit interior design as a whole, fits in with all these themes, so make sure to reuse, reuse, and recycle as much as you can while designing your baby’s special space.

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