5 Reasons Why Homes Should Have Garden Room Extensions

garden room extension may not always be a top priority when you look for a property or plan a building, and at times it may seem rather costly. Still, there’s no denying that it is an efficient and excellent addition to any living space. Like other parts of a home, it can be used for many reasons, be they be used as an event area where you can receive guests or simply a place where you can spend sunny afternoons in. 

These room extensions are based on classic Roman architecture designs when houses were frequently designed around a central garden courtyard on the inside. As a result of this design approach, both the outdoor and indoor spaces combine and become one harmonious area. 

Today, it’s popular to customize the rooms by changing the size, shape, materials, and glazing options, making it essentially an extension of your home’s interior design concepts. But, apart from creativity, why else should homes and spaces have these beautiful extensions? 

Here’s a list of 5 main reasons any living space can benefit from having these. Let’s take a look! 

The Truths Behind Garden Room Extensions 

It relieves stress and can improve your health or wellbeing

One of the best things about having one of these is that you can enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. According to research, being in nature has been shown to lower stress, fear, and anger. Some scientists even believe that spending time in nature can help you live longer.

Garden rooms also provide a brighter, more soothing environment. They’re made to take advantage of natural light and ventilation. When your skin is exposed to sunshine, Vitamin D is produced, which aids in preventing osteoporosis and some malignancies. Natural light is also important for regulating your circadian rhythm, or body clock, which helps you sleep better and boosts your immune system.

Quick and easy installation

Unlike most home renovations, the procedure of installing garden rooms actually takes up less time, and it’s actually easier to install. Depending on the size and design of the structure, the installation process can usually be accomplished within a few weeks. 

Additionally, since the installation will take place outside, there will be little to no disruption within your home. While construction is taking place, you and your family can easily go about your daily routine without worrying about being bothered by all the drilling and hammering going on.

It’s a multi-purpose retreat

Since garden room extensions are customizable, they’re seen to be quite fascinating and adaptable spaces. This is especially true since they can be used as a home office, a playground, or a place to entertain guests outside. They can even be used as a music room, a home gym, or a hobbies and crafts area. To accommodate guests, these rooms can also be divided into smaller multi-rooms.


When it comes to building homes or revamping spaces, one of the most important factors anyone considers before starting the project is the cost. As beautiful as the designs of the area may be, the challenge lies in making it fit into the budget you allot. 

Thankfully, a garden room extension is a considerably more cost-effective option to improve your living space without sacrificing or changing the layout of your home. 

Endless design options

Garden room extensions are easily customizable and available in various styles to meet your specific requirements. You can decorate and paint the walls to match the rest of your home. You can even modify the room’s soundproofing, heating, and insulation to meet your particular individual needs.

Final Thoughts 

Garden rooms, unlike traditional extensions or conservatories, do not require planning approval, which means that the process of assessing a site, planning, and building one can be accomplished in considerably less time.

So, if you need a space to entertain or do some of your recreational hobbies, you may want to think about installing a garden room extension for your home. There are expert teams everywhere, like that of Oakwrights, who are surely skilled enough to do what you want or require and would be happy to help you make your plans come to fruition. 

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