Home Staging Tips to Impress Brooklyn Buyers

Selling a home is more than just putting up a listing. No matter how much you love your home, for buyers, it’s just another property they have to look at, trying to find one they will like. NYC real estate is fierce, and there are many properties but also many buyers with unique preferences and needs. Brooklyn seems to be a very hot market, as its family-friendly features attract new people each day. That’s why you need to pay attention to more details that will ensure a faster, more successful sale. Home staging is one of the steps that will prepare the property for visitors, ensuring they see all the good things about your home and fall in love with it at first sight. Here are some home staging tips to impress Brooklyn buyers. 

First impression matters 

The way a buyer sees your home for the first time is important for the overall impression of the property. If you’re selling a house, deal with the curb appeal before you list the property for sale. Paint the front door, clean up the front area, trim the bushes and replace the light fixtures and the house number. If you’re selling an apartment, beautify the entrance for a positive first impression. Add an interesting rug, remove all the shoes and trinkets behind cabinet doors, and add a cool console table for some simple décor pieces. Make buyers fall in love with the place as soon as they enter the front door. 

Less is more 

Nothing says small and cramped space than clutter and excess items in a room. Begin staging your home by decluttering all the areas in detail. Get rid of old papers, broken or damaged items, malfunctioning electronics, etc. Clear out the space to make it look more organized and spacious. Decluttering is also beneficial when moving into your new home. The packing process will be simpler, whereas your moving costs can be significantly lower. 

Neutrals go a long way 

It’s amazing to have a unique home with breathtaking décor, but selling is not a good time to experiment with décor styles. Sticking to neutrals will ensure most potential buyers like the place. They’ll have the chance to see the base they can work with and build their own style. It’s the safest option, so always choose neutrals for your walls and maybe insert some pop of colour through details in décor. 

Go modern and practical. 

Old-fashioned, bulky, and impractical furniture pieces will not help you impress Brooklyn buyers – unless we’re talking about true antique pieces. Instead, go for sleek, modern, and multi-functional items that will contribute to the space and get the most out of it. NYC buyers are aware that properties in NYC are getting smaller and more expensive, so they are looking for different ways to increase the capacity of their homes. U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn experts report that more people clear out their homes and use storage units for items they don’t use very often. Renting storage is also a great idea when moving house, as you can keep your items safe until your new home is ready. 

Make sure the place smells good 

Even with the most beautiful furniture and décor pieces, buyers will stay away from your property if there’s a bad smell. Firstly, make sure you clean the place thoroughly or simply get professional cleaning services for better results. Next, try to recognize the main sources of bad smell – old dishwasher, laundry room, garbage disposal, pet toys or beds, etc. Try to eliminate smell sources to ensure your home stays fresh for the visitors. Finally, add some air fresheners, flowers, and candles to make the place even more inviting!


House viewing tours shouldn’t look like buyers are sneaking through a stranger’s home. Even though the place shouldn’t be sterile but cozy and welcoming, it shouldn’t include too many personal items. The storage unit we mentioned before can help you with this task. Remove all the personal items that strangers don’t need to see – family photos, kids’ toys, political or religious items, old souvenirs, personal collections, etc. Pack them safely and make sure they arrive at the storage unit or your new home safely. 

Remember: when relocating delicate items, or anything heavy or valuable, make sure you leave transfer to experts that have experience with NYC moves. Don’t risk losing or damaging your items but trust this task to someone with more skill and competence. 

Kitchen refresh 

The kitchen is the room that buyers strongly focus on when buying a new home. That’s why you should stage it, so it shows that it’s the central part of the home which gathers the family. You can do a quick and inexpensive update for better results – paint the cabinet doors and replace the hardware. You’ll get a new kitchen in a short time. Next, remove all the unnecessary items from the countertop. Organize the drawers and shelves, and declutter the pantry to increase the storage capacity. Finally, a vase of fresh flowers on the counter or dining table will surely make the space feel fresh and welcoming. 

Brooklyn sunshine, please come in! 

A great advantage when selling a home is the space filled with natural light. That’s why any of the staging tips to impress Brooklyn buyers won’t go without this one. If there’s a way to enhance the natural light in your home, be sure to do it. Sure, you can add bigger windows or install a glass wall, but that’s not always a cost-efficient renovation when selling a home. Try easier methods such as removing heavy curtains, painting the walls in a brighter colour, adding mirrors that reflect light, etc. These are the steps buyers will certainly appreciate and notice if the space is airy and well-lit. 

Professional photos 

Once you try out all the staging tips to impress Brooklyn buyers, be sure they can truly see your effort even before they visit your home. Hire a photographer to take photos of your property, so all the staging you’ve done so far provides maximum effects. Buyers are more attracted to professional photos that clearly show all the great features of a property and make the sale even faster. 

Meta: Learn the best home staging tips to impress Brooklyn buyers and ensure a fast sale even in the most competitive market. 

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