Spring Curb Appeal Projects that Add Value

Spring is almost here and that means it’s time to get your gardening tools out of storage and give your yard a refresh. Other than helping your home look its best, by giving your yard a little TLC this spring you’ll also be in great shape if you are thinking about selling your home soon. Focusing on your front yard is what real estate agents call paying attention to curb appeal, and it can mean a payoff when it comes to sale time. The real estate experts at HomeLight are talking about curb appeal projects that can add value in a big way for 2022 — their research found that on average buyers will pay 7 percent more for a house with updated curb appeal. Updating your home’s curb appeal can be a project for a professional, but you can also follow some DIY tips to improve your home’s curb appeal in just a weekend.

Streamline your yard

One of the first tasks when upgrading your home’s curb appeal is to create a clean slate. Weeding and trimming the greenery that you already have will help you see where you can add more and where you can create open space. Spring is an ideal time for weeding to clear away winter debris. If you see that your lawn has bare spots, you can fill them in with a rock garden or mulch and then add more green from there. Agents in the HomeLight survey reported that even just basic yard care and applying fresh mulch will yield the highest ROI (return on investment) by collectively adding nearly $4,500 in resale value on a small budget.

Reevaluate your landscaping

Once you’ve got a clean slate to work with you can start adding to your landscaping. You may want to add perennial (which can withstand the seasons), update walkways, or add some colorful flower beds. You could hire a professional, or you can keep it simple by going to your local home gardening store and asking for recommendations about plants that will do well in your home’s climate. With this type of landscaping upgrade, you could add an estimated $6,235 in resale value for a 39% ROI when selling your home, according to top agents.

Add some color

Color is one sure way to help your home capture people’s attention in a positive way. Certain colors can evoke emotions and feelings with visitors, for example: white can be calming, red is considered energetic, blue is trustworthy, and yellow is warm and youthful. These colors can be added as flowers, or you can go bold with paint. Painting your front door one of these colors can have a big impact — giving your home a fresh coat of paint could add an estimated $7,571 in resale value for a 152% ROI. If you aren’t sure which colors can work best with your home, you can consult with a professional.

Whether you are selling your home or just want to give it a spring refresh, focusing on curb appeal is an ideal project for spring.

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