How to Build a Bar in Your Shed

We saw a significant hike in DIY tasks in the UK prior to the coronavirus pandemic, with 34% of Brits undertaking more do-it-yourself tasks in Q4 of 2019.

Of course, Covid-19 and its associated lockdowns only served to exacerbate these trends, with UK homeowners increasingly likely to carry out home improvement tasks. 

What’s more, companies like SGS Engineering have created several brainteasers to help inspire the UK’s aspiring DIY enthusiasts. Within these, you’ll find hammers and spanners hidden away; it takes the average person 48 seconds to solve these. Take a look to see if you could do better!

Find the nail hidden in the tools… 

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Find the tape measure hidden in the tools… 

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When it comes to more complex DIY tasks such as building a shed bar, you’ll need to follow a series of detailed and pragmatic steps. These include:

1. Think About Safety

Once you’ve created a budget and laid out the fundamental elements of your plan, the next step is to think about safety.

The key here is to understand the most common DIY injuries, which list falls, cuts, and eye injuries among their number. When working outside and building a bar shed, you’ll also need to consider risks such as insect bites and stings and handling, lifting, and carrying heavy materials.

The most important thing is to carry out a risk assessment based on the task in hand and its individual steps before ensuring that you work as safely as possible and have access to the best and most relevant items of personal protection equipment (PPE).

2. Make Sure That You Have to Right Tools and Materials

There’s an adage that suggests that a workman is only ever as good as their tools, and this rule also applies to DIY enthusiasts.

Certainly, having the right tools and learning how to use this safety can help you to carry out tasks quickly, efficiently, and safely, including universally applicable items such as hammers, screwdrivers, and nails.

You’ll also have to invest in relevant Milwaukee power tools, including cordless drills that can secure joints and remove lodged screws.

It’s also important to be selective and thoughtful when picking materials for your garden shed build. While wood and timber will be most commonly used, you may also want to incorporate metals and plastics depending on the individual design that you have in mind.

3. Don’t Forget About the Smaller Tools That You Need

In order to replicate your vision and bring your design to life, you’ll also need to pay attention to a number of small and seemingly insignificant details.

For example, it’s important that your shed bar is level and functional, and a spirit level is a must in this respect. Similarly, it would help if you used a measuring tape to measure individual pieces of timber and ensure that they’ve been accurately cut to size in order to provide a snug and secure fit.

This type of attention to detail is key, as it can contribute to a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish while ensuring that the bar has been safely constructed and is completely fit for purpose over time.


Find the nail hidden in the tools… 

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Find the tape measure hidden in the tools… 

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