How To Choose A Basin Design For Your DIY Bathroom Makeover

Giving your bathroom a makeover may be one of the most challenging projects you’ll ever do. With a small space, you need to ensure that every corner is functional in terms of purpose and storage. You also have to consider how it looks aesthetically while factoring in the maintenance it entails. Besides choosing the right colors and fixtures, choosing the right basin design can also be tricky. 

While you can always choose a standard basin design for your bathroom, allowing it to be unique or have its own character can help elevate your bathroom’s appearance. When choosing DIY basins for your home, you need to consider their shape, build, and maintenance. To help you out, below are some ways how you can choose a basin design for your DIY bathroom makeover:

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Choose A Basin Material 

There are plenty of materials you can use for your basin. However, these three stand out as they’re frequently used in most bathrooms. Knowing what these are and how they can work will help you decide if their design and structure best fit your bathroom:


One of the most popular materials for any home bathroom basin is ceramic, as it’s easy to acquire and can provide the clean look you’re going with. It usually comes with a plain white glossy finish, which matches your toilet. Alternatively, some ceramic materials use patterns and colors that come in limited designs and are usually customized. 


If you’d like to go with a fishbowl effect, then a glass basin material would be the perfect way to achieve that. However, a glass basin usually works best with an above-counter placement for you to appreciate its full beauty. In line with that, a glass basin easily catches watermarks, so you always need to wipe them clean to keep them clear. 


Diving into a more natural look for your basin, using stone is a great way to make any bathroom look like a part of nature or somewhat give off an industrial mood. Depending on your choice, you can use a stone basin if you’d like to make the room look structural or natural. 

Identify The Types Of Basin

The main design of a basin depends on how you position them inside your bathroom. There are plenty of ways to have one, which can make or break your overall bathroom design. To give you plenty of choices, below are some types of basins you should consider:

Pedestal Basin 

One of the most traditional basin designs for every bathroom would have to be a pedestal sink. Since adding a countertop can entail extra costs and accumulate too much space inside your bathroom, a pedestal sink would be a better option. This type of basin would stand on the ground while still attached to the wall to get a steady water supply. 

Depending on its structure, you can use a regular basin shape and a slimmer body, as if it were a stick, or let the body and basin be in a continuous form without the awful cut of both parts. It should help complete the bathroom’s aesthetics and give it a modern touch. You can even play with colors and patterns if you wish to be more experimental. 

Wall-Mount Basin

A wall-mount basin would be the perfect option if you’d like to keep things sleek, clean, and minimalist. With this type of basin, you’ll quickly attach the sink to the wall, allowing for a “floating” design as you keep it off the ground. You won’t need countertops as you’ll let the basin stand independently. It would work perfectly for small spaces

If you’d like to provide a design to the sink, you can attach a small layer below it, allowing you to store some bathroom products and make the space functional. You can even add a short rod to hang your face towels conveniently. 

Under Counter Basin

Another traditional way you can install a basin in your bathroom is by letting it be a part of your countertops. It allows your basin to be deep into your countertops and provides an even level for the entire surface. It helps to give off a neat look and allows you to clean up quickly as you can push every water from the side to the sink. 

With an under-counter basin, you can achieve a simple look for your countertops as there’ll be nothing above it. Apart from your bathroom essentials, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, your countertops would look neat and clean. With the right design for your countertops and mirror, you might even achieve a luxurious look with this basin design. 

Above Counter Basin

You can add a modern touch to your bathroom design by letting your basin sit above your countertops. As you elevate your basin off the countertop, you add more structure and character to the space. While a clean look is impressive, it might make the room look too empty as it feels like something’s missing inside your bathroom. 

If you don’t plan on working with decorations in your bathroom as you’d like to store them all inside a closed storage area, putting your basin above the counters would be a great idea to fill the room. It can help to act as a decorative piece inside your bathroom while serving its function and purpose. 

Inset Basin

A combination of the under-counter and above-counter basin would have to be an inset basin. This basin is placed between the lower and upper parts of the countertops. You can imagine the basin sitting deep into your countertops but isn’t fully emerged, as it still shows off an inch or two above the surface. It would go well if you’d like to add a bit of character to your countertops but wouldn’t want to commit to bringing the entire basin above the surface. 

Semi-Recessed Basin 

If you’re working with limited space, then a semi-recessed basin would be a great option, as it allows you to have plenty of surface area without compromising the empty space in front of the sink. This basin only consumes the other half of your countertop as its front is left hanging and exposed. It gives you a full-size basin and extra surface space for your other bathroom needs. 

Identifying the types of basins allows you to see which would best suit your bathroom in terms of space, design, and functionality. 


Choosing the best basin design for your DIY bathroom makeover can be tricky, especially since there are plenty of design options to consider. As you ponder how you’d like your bathroom to look, you also need to consider how much space you have for your bathroom. It will help you decide which type and design best suit your bathroom and give it a fresh new look. 

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