How to Ensure Your Commercial Property Is Safe

Investing in a commercial property is a great way to diversify your portfolio while making money at the same time. Whether you purchase one or have one built, you need to ensure it is up to code and that everyone who uses it is safe. You also need to ensure the building remains safe under different circumstances. Here are some safety and security measures you should be paying close attention to. 

Set Up Access Control

You should know everyone who has access to certain parts of your building. For example, there is no reason for the delivery guy to have access to the server room. Setting up access control will let you know who comes and goes, whether that is employees, delivery persons, clients, or anyone else. Controlling the flow of people like this will improve the safety of the property immensely.

Ensure the Emergency Lights are Working

You need to ensure that everyone can get out promptly if, for example, a fire breaks out or another emergency happens. You also want to ensure your emergency lights continue working for an extended period in case of loss of power or failure of the lighting system.

The best way to ensure this is by conducting regular emergency lighting testing. This is required by UK law and is done to ensure emergency lighting continues working in different emergencies. Ideally, the test should be done annually, but you can do it every three months. You can book online today and have someone come down and complete the test for you. They will then give you a certificate to show that your system passes.

Fire Safety

It does not take much for a fire to spread to a whole building. This is if the property owner has not put proper fire safety procedures and accessories in place. At the very least, your commercial building should have a fire alarm, suppression system, and emergency equipment. If using water to put out a fire is not an option, the property owner can opt for a special fire suppression system. 

Additionally, they should ensure all emergency exits remain unobstructed and accessible at all times. The use of fire doors to contain a fire in specific parts of a building also works well to control the spread of a fire. Lastly, install different types of fire extinguishers for different types of fire.

Once you do all this, educate everyone who uses the building on what to do in case of a fire. This can save lives, minimize casualties and minimize the damage done to the building.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are a basic security feature that all commercial buildings should have. They act as a deterrent because they put off people who are less likely to commit a crime if they know they are being recorded. Additionally, they provide crucial evidence in case of an incident, and they can also help with insurance claims.

Every commercial property owner should have measures to ensure their property, and everyone who uses it is safe. Fortunately, many of the required measures are easy to install and maintain and are a cost-effective investment.

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