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How to cook delicious and flavoursome roasted potato?

Cooking delicious food in different styles gives an immense pleasure. Moreover, when you try new items daily, it also increases your confidence level and help in getting the right estimate regarding using ingredients and others spices. In fact, it will hone your skills and release an attractive aroma over and above. This will crave your family and friends to wait for your aromatic dishes. If you are looking for the full recipe here then you can visit the website of Corrie Cooks. It consists of an infinite items with an authentic taste and flavours that will make your cooking better and worthy. It suggests to cook the food with an instant pot that gives you natural and amazing fragrant wit right and fundamental cooking.

Prepare a list of the mentioned items for cooking

When it comes to cooking the roasted potatoes, leaves everything behind and be ready to get a wonderful style of cooking and so. It will make your potatoes crispy, crunchy and fluffy. Moreover, it is a tummy-filling item that will infuse the right nutrients and vitamins into your body to keep you fit and healthy. This will require fifteen minutes to cook and serve your guest. It all requires two lb. of fresh baby potatoes with a half tea spoon of rosemary in dried form. Also, make arrangement for few more things like half tea spoon of dried thyme, half tea spoon of dried marjoram, fresh oregano and garlic powder. You must add one tea spoon of kosher salt and one-fourth of pepper and three table spoon of olive oil. You can visit the site of Corrie Cooks to get the full recipe here for better insight.

Follow the cooking pattern with some additional herbs and seasoning

To begin with cooking roasted potatoes, you must watch and rinse the potatoes. Let them dry properly so that it can be cooked properly. Firstly, you need to put all the potatoes into a bowl and add thyme, salt, oregano, garlic powder, marjoram, rosemary and a pinch of pepper. Once all the items are poured into the instant pot, you must go for sautéing for a perfect taste and flavour. Along with that, you must oil into the instant pot so that potato does not get stuck into it and then let the oil get heated. Add the entire mixture of potato into the instant pot. You can add some herbs and seasoning onto the potato for some immense aroma. This dish is quite healthy. You can pack in lunch for your children for a tummy filling breakfast.

How to cook a fresh and creamy tomato soup?

Tomato soup is an all-season item that gives you right amount of energy for a healthy living. Along with that, it is rich with carbohydrates and essential vitamins that will improve your metabolism and increase the proportion of blood. Moreover, this kind of soup is preferred more during the winter season when your body demands heat. On an average, it requires forty-five minutes to cook this soup. To make the arrangement of cooking creamy tomato soup in the instant pot, you need to chop onions and carrot for about half the cup. After that, you need to steam the tomatoes and then crush it properly. For a perfect thickness, you must get 14 ounces of tomato. You can prepare vegetable broth with dried thyme for good aroma.

Stirring the soup and ingredients for hot serving

First of all, take half table spoon of vegetable oil into the pan and let it heated properly. Then you must add one garlic clove, two table spoon of chopped celery. Sort it precisely so it releases the flavours. Later on, you must all the crushed tomato and vegetable broth for about one and half a cup. Simultaneously add one-fourth of dried thyme, half tea spoon of vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, two drops of hot pepper sauce, salt and pepper as per your taste. Once everything is poured into the instant pot, add two cups of water.

Open and close the pot

Let all the spices and ingredients stir well so it cook a delicious soup. After that, you can close the lid and press the button of manual on the instant pot. Let it cook for thirty minutes on high pressure for a perfect texture. Open the pot once all the excessive steam gets out of it. Serve it hot with bread crumbs and surprise your child with its delicious and creamy flavour. To explore your cooking, you must follow the recipes for a better insight and gainful information.If you want to get access to its full recipe with additional tips and tricks, feel free to visit the site for a perfect guidance and information to eat fresh and stay fit. 

Contact Corrie Cooks now to get the full recipe here for convenient cooking.

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