High-Quality Door Furniture

Whether you are sprucing up your home and giving it a bit of a makeover or you have purchased a new door, choosing the right door furniture can make all the difference! Poor quality door furniture will leave you frustrated, and you will likely be replacing them often; you will notice that poor quality furniture can rust and end up looking discolored, and can even deteriorate, ruining the look in your home. 

To make sure you use the best, high-quality door furniture in your home, always look for the best materials, especially when it comes to your exterior door handles. Here are some of the most common finishes and our tips and advice for using them:

Chrome, Nickel and Stainless Steel:

Choosing between a stainless steel, chrome or nickel finish is typically the most popular. They have an attractive, modern look suitable for the majority of homes. These materials are not likely to change in colour, unlike some finishes like brass for example; they can eventually change in appearance, but this is typically many years down the line, approximately 10-20. Chrome is ideal in bathrooms as it is highly durable and can withstand the damp environment. To keep these finishes looking their best, you can lightly wax them every now and then and they will continue to look brand new.

Antique, Rustic and Black:

While these finishes are highly attractive and can add a shabby-chic feel to some homes, they are very delicate and are more prone to rusting. While a little rust on some of these finishes can complete the rustic look you may be after, you can slow down the occurrence of rusting by waxing regularly.


Polished brass handles really suit some homes, but you will want to be very careful when selecting polished brass to make sure it is of high quality. When polished brass handles are exposed to air, the air can begin to eat away at the lacquer, causing it to decay and deteriorate; this can give it a distressed kind of look and is likely to change colour. Some people quite like the look of this, so it is completely up to you, but you can purchase antique brass which already has a distressed finish.

PVD Brass:

While polished brass has a standard lacquer applied to it, there is a specialised kind of finishing process referred to as physical vapour deposit (PVD). When a PVD finish is applied, it becomes so much more resilient and deposits molecules of metal onto the handles which protects them; most handles with this finish have a warranty of up to 25 years. This kind of finish is best used in coastal areas, where other handles may be prone to rusting due to the salty air, or for commercial properties that would experience a lot of wear and tear.

Don’t be left disappointed with your low-quality door furniture, instead choose from our range of high-quality door furniture for guaranteed satisfaction.

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