How to Prepare Your Home for a Hot Summer

Since the summertime is just around the corner, we need to ensure our homes are ready to provide us with much-needed respite and shelter during the hottest days of the year. The beginning of summer is usually the most well-liked part of the season as the weather is getting warm and nice, but it’s still not too hot. 

And this is exactly when we should think about unbearable summer heat and prepare our homes for the hot days. Hot summer days are the ones that enlarge our energy bills enormously, so let’s take a look at some tips that can help us stay cool in the summer with less expense.

Check Your Home’s Insulation

Insulation is the most important thing to help us keep cool in the summer and at less cost. Proper insulation is the thing that will make our homes comfortable all year round. As well as it, keeps us warmer in the winter – by keeping the cold out, its importance in summer is just as equal. Proper insulation will prevent your air conditioner from running too often and spending too much energy. Good insulation will keep the cool air in your home and prevent heat from coming through. If you are not sure that your insulation is sufficient, check out insulation4less

 and find relevant information that can help you. 

Keep Your Attic Cooler

The attic is usually the warmest area of any home, as it is the closes point to the direct heat source – the sun. Moreover, this space usually lacks any air-conditioning units, as it is also where we spend the least time. However, it is very important to have proper insulation under your roof to prevent overheating and allowing too much warmth from penetrating your home. Simply put, there’s no point in trying to cool down your house if it’s constantly getting heated back up through your roof and attic space. Finally, ensure your attic has good ventilation, enabling better air flow and preventing moisture buildup. 

Seal Air Leaks

It is good to have vents in your attic, but the rest of the house should also be air-leak-proof to prevent unnecessary spending. That way, you can prevent the comfortable indoor air from escaping through the cracks, which would only lead to increased use of air-conditioning units. So, to prevent any air leaks, check your windows and doors, stripping and caulking, and renew them wherever needed. This can be a very easy DIY project yet economical for your electricity bill.

Check your HVAC System’s Condition

As your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is used for heating and cooling, you should treat it properly now and then. The air filter should be checked every month and replaced when needed. In the early summer, prepare your air conditioner for the upcoming season. Turn the power off, vacuum or – even better – wash the cleanable filters, and replace the disposable ones. Also, clean the outer unit and ensure it’s free from dirt and grime.  

Don’t Let too Much Sunshine in

We all know how nice it is to feel sunshine on your skin and in the air in the early summer, and we also know how unbearable it becomes during the hottest summer days. We also know that when the sun shines through our windows, it can instantly heat the interior. So, to prevent this from happening, install some good window treatment solutions that will prevent too much sunshine from heating your living space. Keep in mind that, for instance, draperies can help, but not as much as external shutters that will prevent glass surfaces from overheating.

Keep the Doors Closed

If you wish to prevent your home from overheating in the summer, you should keep your doors closed as much as possible. But this can also apply to individual rooms if your home doesn’t have an open floor plant. Simply, it’s easier to keep a single room cool than trying to cool off your hallways and washrooms as well. 

Install Ceiling Fans in Most-Occupied Rooms 

Ceiling fans are a good solution for rooms and areas where people gather and spend most of their time. When the space is crowded with people, you can turn your AC and ceiling fan on to double the cooling effect. When it is not too hot, a ceiling fan can be sufficient.

Add Some Greenery to Your Landscape

The best way to cool the outside, and keep it cool, is to plant some fast-growing shrubs and trees. And don’t worry if they can’t grow big enough until this hot season, and they will certainly be ready for the next season.

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