How to Prevent Home Pests or Bugs

Home pests and bugs are not creatures to be overlooked, as they can cause serious damage to the home. Rather, it is important to be proactive in order to keep them out and ensure the safety of you and your family. Not only do pests carry pathogens that can cause sickness for you, your family, and your pets, they also destroy household items. Pests such as rats are also capable of chewing wires, which can result in electrical accidents. This is why it is important to put in measures to prevent pests and bugs in your home. Below are steps to prevent home pests or bugs.

Measures to Prevent Home Pest or Bugs

Setting up preventive measures is easier, cheaper, and less stressful than dealing with pest infestation. We have highlighted five ways to prevent home pests or bugs below.

Block All Entry Points

One of the most important steps to take in preventing home pests and bugs is to block all their entry points into the home. You can do this by sealing the windows and doors. The gaps and tiny cracks under your doors and between the windows are enough space for pests to find their way into your home. You can seal these gaps by using caulk. Other areas that can serve as entry points include loose siding, foundation cracks, gaps around electric and cable wiring as well as gaps in the roof due to missing shingles. Ensure to block any crack or crevice that you find.

Clean Your Home Regularly

A dirty home is a perfect habitat for pests, as they get enough food to eat and damp dark spots to hide in. Clean your home thoroughly ensuring to get rid of food particles lying around. Also mop up standing water, as this can serve as breeding space for mosquitoes. Try to declutter the home every time that you clean. Doing this will eliminate the dark spots that pests hide in. While cleaning, you must also be sure to dispose of your trash. Trashcan usually contains food which is one of the major attractions for pests. Take out your trash every day, making sure to clean the can before taking it back inside.

Clean The Drains

Drains usually accumulate dirt which makes them a likely location for household pests. It is therefore essential that you clean your drains regularly. This includes floor drains as well as your kitchen sinks. Make sure to clean them regularly in order to keep pests and bugs out.

Use Correct Light Bulbs

A lot of people are not aware but the type of light bulbs that you use, can affect how flying pests move around your home. Regular mercury vapor lights are known to attract insects. It is, therefore, best to switch to halogen lights or high-pressure sodium vapor lights. Colors like orange, yellow and pink are known to be unattractive to insects. Also, ensure to keep the light bulb on a pole a little distance from the house. This keeps out bugs that will otherwise be around the house.


Preventing Pests and bugs is the best investment for you as to when its number grows large, repelling it won’t be simple.

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