Maintaining Common Fire Equipment

In the event of a fire outbreak, common fire equipment is used to locate the source and contain the fire. Before getting into the firefighting profession, one must become proficient in the care and upkeep of the equipment used to extinguish a fire. You wouldn’t believe how much effort goes into keeping this equipment running at peak performance until they inevitably break down. 

Responsibility for maintaining fire equipment is high and is at the top of the list of things necessary to keep the business running. Hence, it’s imperative to take good care of them to prolong their effectiveness and, in turn, cut costs.

Fire Safety Equipment; what are they?

The major firefighting equipment includes but not limited to:

Why Fire Safety Equipment Needs Checking

It’s normal to have an emergency plan for fire outbreaks at various institutions or homes. However, installing fire preventive measures isn’t the final step toward a fireproof environment. You need to make sure your safety equipment gets checked regularly to avoid malfunction. And how do you do this?

  1. Ensure your fire safety equipment is in the proper working condition

In many fire incidents, there have been instances where the fire safety equipment refused to work. It might have been detected on time if there had been regular checks on the equipment in use had been done. The risk of a malfunction is significantly reduced by ensuring that equipment is regularly tested.

  1. Reevaluate regulations to stay up to date

Standard regulations for fire equipment are updated from time to time. Several fire statement guides are available in different countries and regions of the world. A regular check of these updates prevents mishaps to your fire safety equipment. 

  1. Grant Easy access to Exit Points 

A moment between the exit and the fire may be the only difference between escape and tragedy. It is necessary to ensure that emergency lights and safety exits are functional. Having a blocked exit or a malfunctioning emergency light is considered dangerous.

Life-saving Maintenance Cultures

  1. Fire Extinguisher Checks

Regularly checking fire extinguishers is one step towards preventing a fire outbreak from spinning out of control. Extinguishers should be kept in great condition to be ready to combat any fire incident and ultimately protect lives and properties.

  1. Functional Fire Alarm System

Always check your fire alarm system for bugs or other minor issues that may prevent them from functioning properly. A fire alarm warns against imminent fire and can help save lives and properties.

  1. Risk Assessment Checks

Risk assessments are necessary for buildings where fire safety equipment exists. Running a risk assessment enables you to determine what to do to prevent a fire outbreak or during a fire accident.

  1. Lighting Systems Checks

Always check your lights. They warn you about fires and prevent disasters. It is advisable to have the lights (emergency, exits, alarms) in your buildings checked bi-annually. This way, you know how safe your building can be in case of  a fire incident.

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