Why You Should Bird Proof Your Solar Panels

Solar panels convert energy from the sun into usable energy in homes, offices, or institutions. These panels are often installed on the roof of buildings where they can directly get energy from the sun. 

Solar panels are great, but they have a problem. Birds like to settle on them, and in no time, you’re tasked with picking up bird feathers or clearing bird droppings from the surface of your panels. The mess can even lead to excessive damage to your panels.

So, do you need to protect your panels from these pests? The answer is definitely yes! A solar panel bird proofing is all you need to stop these birds from damaging your solar panels. Below is why you need to bird-proof your solar panels.

Why you need Bird Proofing

Birds love solar panels since that’s one of their favorite nesting spots. To them, it’s just another day in bird country, and the sun is right for tanning. For you, it could mean any of these things;

  • Ineffective Panels

As long as birds continue to plague your solar panels, their effectiveness becomes challenged. Before long, you’re spending a lot on maintenance while enjoying little to nothing from your panels.

  • Stained Roofs

Birds like to litter. They bring leaves, nuts, twigs, and pretty much any junk they can pick up. Their droppings? Yuck! Ruin the beauty of your roof and your solar panels. Getting rid of bird droppings can be very tasking as well.

  • Wiring Issues

Just like any other animal, birds get curious. They may think your wires are fit for building nests and start to poke around. Soon enough, you begin to experience wiring difficulties.

  • Permanent Damage to Panels

Droppings and all the other nuisance brought by pests will corrode your panels and render them almost useless if not entirely unusable.

  • More Unfriendly Neighbors

Since the birds are welcome, other pests like rats and mice will also want a spot. After all, it’s a party, and everyone is invited.

Types of Bird Proofing 

While it’s essential to bird-proof your solar panels, it is necessary to know the options available to you and how they apply. Here are some bird-proofing options:

  1. Mesh Wire

Attached underneath solar panels, mesh wires prevent birds from going under the panels to build homes there.

  1. Anti-Roosting Spikes

Anti-roosting spikes prevent birds from being able to settle around the panel. They are less threatening to the birds but merely prevent them from perching nearby.

  1. Solar Skirts

Solar skirts block openings around solar panels, preventing birds and other pests from getting into these spaces. They are made from aluminum and are quite handy at keeping birds at bay.

  1. Blockers

Like mesh wires, blockers serve the purpose of preventing birds from going under solar panels. They are pleasing to look at and often complement the color of the solar panels.

Having birds hang in or around your solar panels is detrimental to their effectiveness. These birds could also be a menace in or around your home. Hence, it’s necessary to put solar panels bird proofing measures in place to rid your solar panel of them.

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